For a while now, I have felt no motivation to do any writing other than this 30-day challenge. I am a very creative writer and a very creative poet but sometimes nothing sparks the conversation to make me pick up a pen (or open my computer) and write. I don’t know when I sort of just “turned off the light bulb” and started not-writing and following-up with my writing. I guess I can’t shadow one type of motivation to highlight another. It will be interesting to see how I spark myself to get writing again.

On the other hand, walking ten thousand steps each day is really pushing me to do more and get up more during the day. Ten thousand is a hard number to get, especially more so now when I’m sitting in a chair most of the day. Since I wrote last week, I haven’t felt a need to drink coffee (I’ve prided myself on not being addicted to the taste), so when I had it today it made me feel horrible for a little while thanks to my lactose intolerance. I feel better though, I’m getting more sleep because my internship doesn’t start until around 11 AM and going to bed at a reasonable time almost every night. Something I want to do in the future is write more articles outside of this challenge on medium, it’s what I started this account a while ago on and I just want to continue that. I just want to find my writing expression and voice.