This is a draft submission for one of my master classes.

Hunter-Gatherers vs. Designer-Developers

As a junior visual communication designer who works for three tech companies it can be hard to position myself in the process of production. Becoming partner with someone who has a completely different job requires new talents that I was not taught. Buckminster Fuller — who is an architect, a system theorist, an author, a designer and an inventor — points out that a designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist, and evolutionary strategist. Also David Holston says that designers in this new era must only be experts in form, as they traditionally have been, but they must be equally skilled in solving more complex problems by calling on a broader range of skills in the social sciences, technology, and the organisation of team, on his book — The Strategic Designer, Tools & Techniques for Managing the Design Process. With all these thoughts, the collaborative work is extremely important to figure out the keys of success.

Is the working progress of teams which are consisted of designer & developers, the same with the division of labor in the hunter-gatherers? Can we say that a designer is a man hunter, a developer is woman gatherer today and how can we describe this metaphor?

In hunter — gatherer societies, all individuals within teams have extensive knowledge about all the activities that other individuals do. According to many resources, there was the division of labor between genders, but not in a gender. In other words, an adult man had same responsibilities with another adult man while the same thing goes for woman. But man and woman had different work load. Engels says that in early ages of society, the production was basically collective. Based on this, being collective is also the main requirement for these startup companies.

To make more sense, it can be helpful to have further information about the system and people’s role in the act in order to merge tech startup companies with the hunter-gatherer societies. Concepts like intergroup communication, decision making processes, distribution of the gain are some keywords to create this metaphor.

Keywords: Hunting — Gathering, Designer — Developer, Collaboration, Collectiveness, Metaphor, Tech Startups, Leadership

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