How To Grow A Beard In Five Steps

There comes a time in many a modern man’s life when questioning - “How do I grow a beard?” arises. You may have just experienced a hastening of natural facial hair growth, you may have simply just moved to East London. For many of us it’s just a glimmer of a thought, for others however, this urge can turn into an obsession.

Growing a beard is something that some men manage to achieve seemingly easier than others. This is, however by no means due to a natural difference in hair type or skin tone as commonly believed. As you will soon discover, it is all down to a crucial difference in approach and attitude.

This gentlemen, in assured writing by Murdock London’s Master Barbers, is how you grow a beard…

Step 1: Start from afresh

If you’re looking to start growing a new beard, be sure to start from nothing. Set aside some time and have a proper shave so that your skin is fresh and well treated. This will minimise any early signs of irritation and underlying skin problems.

Step 2: Persistence — Overcome the itch!

Your developing beard may be itchy for the first two weeks or even up to the first month of growth.

Primarily caused by a daily accumulation of dirt, dead skin cells and dehydration, the levels of discomfort endured can be a struggle — even a few day’s worth of stubble can be enough to spur irritation. It’s also important to remember that no matter how clean you keep newly grown facial hair, natural itchiness as part of your bearded initiation will occur, generally caused by new hair’s capability of collecting rogue dirt. It won’t last forever however.

Products such as Beard Moisturiser can be used to combat this, but the main thing to remember is that the annoying itchiness will eventually leave.

Step 3: Find a shape that suits you

There’s always the temptation caused by beard envy to hack away with clippers and try something that really just looks better on your friend or that model.

Different shapes suit different beards however and there are all kinds of charts that can help you look for realistic inspiration and facial comparisons. Once you’ve decided where you want to go with your beard, stick to it.

Step 4: Play to your strengths

Growing a beard is a full-time job. Even when your facial hair has reached a desired length there is much work to be done. The best course of action is to visit a barber and have them assess the required amount of trimming and shaping.

If your beard happens to be patchy in areas — don’t worry, you can still work with this. Your barber will always be able to advise on the best options to take and also help reach those tricky areas. From this point you can build a healthy relationship and continue to visit for frequent shorter trims to maintain a consistent style.

Step 5: Look after and take pride in it

To maintain your beard at home, be sure to use a pH-balanced Shampoo & Conditioner to keep your facial hair clean, soft and untangle any long and coarse hairs. Opting to use a shampoo created for the hair on your head will dry your beard out as they are generally much higher in acidity.

A well-groomed beard is also second to none when further combed or brushed through — isolating rogues hairs to trim away, leaving no knots and a healthy shine.

From this point on, enjoy that fine facial hair and the compliments that should come with it.

This article orginally appeared on The MurdockMan