It’s hard to write about ourselves.

At least it is for me. Very hard. There is a spark of self-promotion and at the same time another one of humbleness which makes me look down to my achievements and bow towards the others while they pass and write about themselves. I feel like I am and produce less than others. I am no match.

However, there is a self-confident part of myself that pushes me to write and tell everyone: I should also write about my experience and thoughts on what I design and why I do things the way I do it.

There is a huge risk that no one will read it. However, if I don’t write it down no one will read it anyway.

What are we up to next? No idea. But we are up to something.

This is the spark, the starting point, of texts I will put up to promote how and why I design things the way I do. I hope those texts will help people to understand Murilo, Design and how we can create a better world with design.

Mostly, there will be texts about Design, Mental Health, and AI. By the way, I will probably publish all my master’s progress here.