Is the future of music best mirrored by Costa Rica?

The geographic lines dividing the United States and the rest of America are increasingly more ethereal. Now the unique sounds from Latin America, both traditional and contemporary, are benefiting from this new change.

As an example we have New Wave, which led to the start of something new. It was exacerbated by music capitalism and the important changes that occurred within its generation. It clearly inherits its origins from punk yet it’s inclined more towards the pop side.

Nowadays music is being shared, allowing it to expand with ease. This allows for styles to be re-invented by morfing and blending together. Interestingly, in recent decades this evolution would be produced conversely. Depending on the territory, new styles would surface in isolated ways and it would vary according to the musicianship of the area. Later on these styles would become influential, taking hold of new groups of musicians and creating sheer copies.

Now that our geographic barriers are blurred and somewhat invisible for the creative process, there appears to be a new music scene. We do not perceive it through the same unified aesthetics, but instead through the artists attitude and persona (in some cases for their use of Spanish or Portuguese too), closely linked to the social-political future of the international Hispanic community.

Zopilot, by Pablo Murillo

There’s no looking back with the Hispanic-Anglo-Saxon fusion.

A clear example for all of this can be found in Costa Rica. This Central American country is a creative force and it’s not compromised by its strong connections with the mainstream (including business with major labels and artist representation). Thanks to its social status and its map positioning, we now see a change of paradigm.

Costa Rican Hypes

The following artists don’t live in Williamsburg or Hackney, but they do underpin a mix of roots and textures which are pure and innate. They evoke the last thousand of years and quite possibly draw out the next hundred. The distance between San Jose and the creative neighbourhoods within the metropolis can be experienced by a single click.

Now we can listen to what everyone will boast about in the near future. Here are 10 alternative routes to get there before anyone else.

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