The Relentless Bias Against Donald Trump
Dave Pell

When I read the headline I was ready to scream bloody murder. But then I remembered — I have the mystical ability to read and THEN form an opinion, and I’m very glad that I read this. With all of the conjecture of the Russia scandal, the misogyny, and everything else — this article takes a new look at why we are looking at the country’s worst president — he’s the worst president because he can’t do anything to prove to us that our opinion of him is wrong.

Oh sure, he could release his tax forms and earn our trust by revealing something about himself — but he won’t. He can put his business into a blind trust, so that his fortune is no longer in his hands while he governs the country — but he won’t. He could even spend one weekend in D.C. instead of Mar-a-Largo because the presidency is not a 9–5/Monday-Friday job — but he won’t. So, he’ll continue to tell us that he’s the greatest president when he should be honoring the fallen heroes of this country and plagiarizing Legally Blonde during graduation commencements , and whine about no one else being treated as poorly as him — and we’ll all shake our head in disgust and disappointment, and as the charges continue to amass, and his GOP support continues to dwindle, our buckets of popcorn will continue to grow, and there will be a fight to see who can get front row tickets to his political, social, and hopefully criminal execution.

That’s how you balance the god damn budget. Put Trump on display after he’s been convicted of crimes against America, and sell tickets to his public execution at 500 bucks a pop.