Murtaza Ali Rajkotwala said about forgery document of real estate.

Murtaza Ali Rajkotwala says that any alteration or modification of an official document, such as a state-issued identification or locally issued permit, with intent to defraud, could be considered forgery. Typically, the purpose of creating a forgery is to try to pass it off as genuine in order to obtain services, money, or something else of value. It could also be intended to deprive someone else of something of value, such as if a person modifies a deed conveying real property by removing a grantee’s name or changing the terms of the conveyance. Forgery is often a key component of fraud. Even when the buyer is very cautious such practices are hard to be identified. The buyer will have to prove that documents or signatures are forged which would once again take a lot of time and energy of the buyer.