My View in fighting extremism

I think it is wise to fight the possible causes (source) of extremism than fighting the effect.

My opinion on the matter is the possible reason for the extremists action is lack of sense to human dignity.

Extremists should learn what it means to be human.

Be it included in countries school curriculum or Broadcast Medias should take charge to teach what it means to be human.

If extremists learn by force (learn not to fight against the big rock), we are passing the grudge to our children.

A human being is the best species of the planet earth. It is true for both believers of Allah (God) and for non-believers.

Human race (our big father Adam) is created with the breath of Allah (God). By any logic or faith thinking it is not non-sin to destroy Allah’s (God’s) breath.

For non believers: when you destroy a person you are destroying idea that would contribute for making things easier to human

In other words, when you destroy a human being, you are destroying your own benefit.

Let everyone work on that. Particularly leaders need to find ways to shape ‘people’ attitude towards human destroying.

It would be best enabling humans to destroy the idea of destroying human.

Musbah Yesuf Kelil, From Ethiopia


Twitter: @Musbahkelil

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