Important Gym Tips for Beginners — Weight Training, Nutrition, Rest, and Supplementation.

Welcome To The Gym

The gym is a bittersweet experience that everyone decides to try at least one in their life. Some people stick with it, others not so much and swear to never go back. Truthfully, working out isn’t for everyone, but those who stick with it learn to love it.

If you’re planning on joining a gym for the first time or maybe you already did but need some guidance, I have a couple of important gym tips for beginners that I want to share with you. These tips will save you a lot of time and put you on the right track to building your dream physique.

Tip #1: Train like a Bodybuilder

Before you walk into the gym, you need to decide what you truly want from it. For a lot of people, the gym is a mere distraction where they can forget about the world for a couple of hours. Others see the gym as a way to build their body and mind. If you belong to the second group, you need to learn to train like a bodybuilder.

A bodybuilder sees the gym as a room filled with tools that can allow him to develop his or her body to its maximum potential. Exercises are chosen carefully and executed in a perfect manner where specific muscle activation is achieved. A bodybuilder’s purpose is to stimulate the muscle so it can recover and grow larger and stronger.

Before the internet was around, learning how elite athletes used to train was very difficult. Muscle Magazines and live seminars were the only way to learn important bodybuilding tips from the best of the best. Nowadays, a quick online search will show you hundreds of different styles and examples of bodybuilding training.

Tip #2: Leave your Ego at the Door

Before you can look like a bodybuilder, you need to learn how to train like one. The most important way to understand the human body and how it works is by actually going through the motions in the gym.

Pick a basic bodybuilding routine of your liking, do a lot of research on different ways to perform the exercises and try to do them with light weight until you feel comfortable doing them.

A lot of beginners get fired up and try to lift way too heavy, only to get injured and leave the gym permanently. Ego-lifting is very common and in some cases even justified by experienced lifters, but, trust me when I say that there’s no need to lift heavy on your first few tries.

Once you feel your muscles working through the exercise, and the weight you are using doesn’t seem as challenging, you will naturally feel the urge to move up in poundage. As you become more experienced, you will learn to love training and probably find different ways to make it more exciting.

Tip #3: Nutrition, Cardio, and Supplements

Even though training is extremely important, it’s nothing without a good diet, supplementation, and cardio routine. A lot of beginners don’t know that muscle doesn’t grow in the gym, it grows while you rest.

Weight training stimulates and damages the muscle fibers so they can grow bigger and stronger, once they’re rested and fed with the proper nutrients. If you’re not eating right, your body won’t gain muscle or lose weight.

If you want to maximize your body’s anabolic state, fire up your metabolism, and improve your cardiovascular performance; cardio is a must. Don’t neglect it but don’t overdo it either. A lot of people like doing it before their weight training as way to warm up, while others choose to do it as finisher. How and when you do it is up to you.

The last thing I want to discuss are supplements. A lot of beginners don’t need them but others feel more comfortable with taking them in order to improve their energy and performance. Supplements aren’t magic pills, but, they can make a big difference and give you a boost when it’s needed.


I know the gym can seem a bit intimidating at first, but, if you give it time, you will learn to love it and its many benefits. This article was written with the purpose of giving you a general idea of what’s needed to progress and build a muscular and healthy physique. I highly encourage you to expand your research and learn more about bodybuilding.

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