This week we departed our safe space in the front-end and rolled up our sleeves to dig in to the server-side with Node and Express. I’d heard horror stories- that it was this big, vast space where the rules are different, what you think you know suddenly is wrong and all your nightmares become reality. Okay, not really, but I had always felt the sense of — approach with extreme caution when thinking about it.

I was, as it now seems to be quite often, way off. I actually ended up really liking this weeks challenges. Lesson learned to not let the unknown keep you from moving forward!

This week was extra exciting because on Wednesday we had our first Codesmith Hack-athon. It had been rescheduled due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Our objective: make a Google Chrome extension. I paired with fellow cohort-mate Vinnie to make an extension that highlights news stories from a Pew Research Center-sourced list of ‘politically- biased’ media sources on Google news. So far, our units have been very focused on doing various projects to learn specific material and get a good understanding of everything Javascript/ CS, and so it was really cool actually being able to ideate and create something from scratch. It definitely won’t be our last time, next week we start solo projects!

We also had a really great speaker come in- Luc Hall, Senior Engineer from Avata, who shared some really nice insights into his work, some things to keep in mind when pursuing a career in a big company or a startup, and some great tips for programming in React and keeping your code organized. Looking forward to next week when we get into databases and testing!!