Week 3 : frameworks

It’s the first week back from the thanksgiving holiday and cohort -11 hit the ground running. It was extra challenging because not only did we cannon-ball into the seas that are React and Angular, but our bootcamp training-wheels officially came off this week with the ‘juniors’ now getting into the swing of peer code reviews and leading tech talks.

The structure of each unit is compartmentalized into chunks that allow you to get really focused on your project, and then go to the lectures where you examine the concepts to further grasp and reinforce what you’re learning, and build on that learning to understand new concepts. It is intense. There’s so much to learn! So much to process! I am definitely spending this weekend (and probably every weekend) doing some catching-up/ wrapping up things I wasn’t able to finish during the week.

Here were my takeaways for the week:

  • I find that I’m really enjoying pair-programming much more now that I’m really getting the hang of it. For me, coherently communicating my thought process while coding turned out to be more difficult than I had thought it would be but during this time, I’ve really grown to appreciate and look forward to pair-programming.
  • I totally get why people get so excited about frameworks! They really allow you think about your code in a different way, and when done correctly, can really help to organize your code.

That’s all for now. Can’t wait for next week!!