Your brain is a supercomputer, be wary of programmers..

Its time to know what you can control…

Commence the download

As you are about to read this post, take a second to pat yourself on the back. Congratulations! You are in possession of one of the most prized possessions on this biosphere. If your wallet resembles mine in the slightest, that last line could feel like a stretch. I get it. Just give me a chance to explain before you left click on that “X” button. The three pounds of grey and white matter in-between your ears is the most amazing phenomena mankind has ever encountered. Your own personal supercomputer. Complete with an unmatched processor and more memory than a 15 terabyte hard drive, the possibilities with one brain at your disposal are infinite. Imagine what some one could do with thousands at their disposal, influencing them as they saw fit. The good news? We all own one, and didn’t have to take a loan out to get it! The not so good news? If you aren’t vigilant, others will program you as you see fit...

“I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers” -John D. Rockefeller

In order to be vigilant of potential “programmers”, one has to analyze the in’s and out’s of “programming”. To do this, we must ask the following questions as they pertain to our lives. What, who, why, and How?

It’s just doesn’t add up..

What is programming?

Who is trying to program me?

Why is this happening

How can I fight it?

What is programming? Within the following Wikipedia adopted definition are two key-phrases when analyzing the components of “programming” as it relates to us.

A computer program is a collection of instructions that performs a specific task when executed by a computer”.

A specific task” relates to things we do whether it be consciously or subconsciously. By our adult lives, majority of what we do on a daily basis is learned. This ranges from the language you speak, to the way you interact with others. These “tasks” derive from the “collection of instructions” received throughout our lives. “Instructions” are a myriad of external stimuli that vary from the environment you are raised in, to the streams of marketing techniques absorbed subconsciously daily via multimedia. These programs mold our brains and shape how we perceive the world. If you can acknowledge this as truth, then it is conceivable that there are those out there utilizing these tools to influence you everyday.…


Who is trying to program me? Simple. That would be everyone and everything you interact with. I’m aware of how theatrical and paranoid this seems, so bare with me as I elaborate. There are two types of programming we encounter, intentional and unintentional. They differ in their nature however, are both very prevalent in our everyday lives.

Unintentional programming happens organically. In most conversations you have several parties interacting from their own individual perspectives. Our perspectives are built from a, “collection of instructions”, or our experiences thus far. These experiences directly correlate to our perspective which shapes our reality. The more we interact with different, people/places/or things, the more receptive we become to other realms of possibilities. Although we didn't necessarily personally experience them, we are expanding the capabilities of our supercomputer by broadening its “processing abilities”.

Intentional programming is never without an agenda. Right now as you read this piece, I am trying to provoke thought within you. This is a form of programming. This article is constructed to allow you to see a perspective that may be foreign otherwise. We see intentional programming in the commercials that try and convince you that their products are superior, or with the teacher who tries to entice you to be attentive in class with incentives. It is evident in our immediate surroundings, as there are social norms in place that discourage too much uniqueness. Effectively forcing us to conform to a lifestyle that may not be one we are suited for. The who’s are numerous, all with their own agendas. Trying to list them all can drive one insane. This in turn leads us to focus on the more important question.


Why am I being programmed? You should take solace in the fact that you are not alone here. We have all been programmed and will continue to be unless we understand this question. Why? The Why is simple, you have power’s beyond your own comprehension. One determined soul can change the earth as we know it. Pioneers of creation have disproved the self made limits of man time after time. They yearned to: fly, move on land faster, be able to communicate to others continents away, and even see stars in the galaxy. From these yearnings were birthed some of the greatest innovations that would change the world. Their impossible would become our reality.

As the owner of your own supercomputer, you are invaluable to anyone who can use you for their own benefit. This is possible due to a plethora of reasons. Dream-chasing has been painted as childish and has been branded with a negative connotation. We are expected to chastise the dreamers and tell them to “grow-up” and join us in “cubicle-hell” 40 hours a week. We glorify those who break out and achieve what they sought to do. Their success stories sound more lucky than motivational discouraging us to try to replicate their achievements.

If you feel as though there is more to life than what it has offered you so far, you’re most likely right. Fortunately, there isn’t a stop date which prevents you from pursuing your passions. It is a right we all share, and it is never too late. The key is to ask yourself, How?

How? This question is crucial as it represents reflection.

  • How am I being programmed?
  • How can I re-program myself?
  • How can I achieve my dreams?

In a world full of “programmers” we must be able to recognize who is here to guide us in our journey and who is not. As we grow up, there are those who encourage us to divorce from our inner child full of exuberance. Our passions are demoted to pipe dreams, while our goals are converted into fantasies. Once you rediscover your passion the rest is easy. With continued persistence, a blueprint will be eventually be mapped out by one of the world’s greatest “supercomputer”. The pursuit of happiness is not without sacrifice and hard work. We know this. However what most of us have failed to understand it is way less tiring than a daily battle against your own destiny.

“For my next trick…The Worlds Hardest Balancing Act!”

We all have the capability. No one supercomputer is identical to another, however they are all indeed super. Some may be able to calculate numbers more efficiently. Some may being to calibrate their vocal cords to produce amazing sounds. When coupled with your heart, the brain’s possibilities are infinite. Dreams are meant to be chased, and goals exist to be achieved. Nothing is impossible for you and your supercomputer, at this point you may just have to re-program it a little bit.

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