Why Great Storytelling is Critical to Your Brand Image

Marketing has come a long way since the age of the radio jingle and silly taglines. There isn’t just one brand of dish soap or one type of hair dye. The amount of options modern consumers have are endless. This is why simple and attention-grabbing slogans seem to no longer work for the conscious or involved consumer. Why should they buy your product if they can find comparable and cheaper options on the internet?

This is where storytelling comes in. In the recent article “What Brands Must Know About Storytelling” published in Business 2 Community, Gee Ranasinha muses on how important it is for brands to create great brand stories. While you read our summary of Ranasinha’s awesome article, think about the brand stories you love and why you them. Do you connect with them on an emotional level? How do they connect with you?

Posted on: October 31, 2016

Originally published at museumhack.com on October 31, 2016.