Fright Night costume contest scorecard

Make sure your costume abides by these simple rules, otherwise you will be turned away at the door. (We’re just looking out for the art and artifacts).

We want everyone to have fun but we retain the right to deny entry to anyone who is dressed or behaving inappropriately. Be mindful and have fun!

Now, do you think you will have the top costume at our big Halloween bash? If so, you need to impress our panel of guest judges.

Stop by the judges’ table on the second floor between 9:00 to 11:30 pm and they will be looking for the best construction, creativity, and character (scroll down to learn more). You can only enter one category, to choose carefully.

We have prizes for:

> Best Individual Costume

> Best Couple Costume

> Best Group

Costume contest scorecard

Creativity: How original is the contestant’s idea?
Does the costume stand out from the rest?
If the costume is a popular character, is there a new spin on it?
How well is the idea executed? Is there a ‘wow’ factor?

Construction: How well constructed is the costume?
Are there parts of the costume that are handmade?
If the costume uses bought pieces, how well do they work together?
How well did the contestant pay attention to small details?

Character: Do you get a sense of the contestant’s character?
Does the contestant have stage presence?
Do movement and/or voice add a significant amount to the costume?
Does the contestant’s passion for the character come through?

You need to be present at the announcement to win.

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