Why You Need Piano Insurance?

Owning a piano is not enough, you also need to safeguard it against all problems and possible losses. Like every musician, staying attached to your piano is enough to get you to buy the insurance. You pay a hefty price to buy the piano, and then don’t insure it- you are probably making the biggest mistake here. A small damage to your piano can cause heavy losses, and you will need to pay this off your pockets. If you were insured, you could ask the insurance company to pay for these losses. What about when you lose it while traveling or, you meet with an accident? Not all these issues are covered in the home insurance policy; no wonder the piano insurance is so important to the owner.

Let’s see how piano insurance can benefit you.

Loss or Damage
Let’s say you left the piano at home, and within the few hours that you left it alone, your piano was stolen. Someone broke into your home, and stole it. Would your home owner’s insurance be able to cover this aspect? Will the insurance provider compensate for this loss?

Insurance for the instrument will cover not just the theft but also the losses that come with this theft. In case your instrument is damaged while at home, you can get it compensated with the particular insurance. The home owner’s insurance treats your musical instrument in the same way it would the furniture in your home. So, you would compensated in the same way or, in some instances you are not even compensated for it. It is always better to invest in a particular insurance, if you want to gain an edge.

Insurance that Offers Value
If the instrument is a vintage one, it should be treated in that way in the insurance you have bought for it. There are pianos resting in homes that have traveled generations, and come to this point. The valuation of the piano increases with time, and you will need to value it before you buy insurance. It is only possible when you are investing in insurance for the instrument. With the home owner’s insurance, you won’t be able to value the instrument, and pay the premium accordingly.

When you plan investing in piano insurance, make sure you know the true value of the instrument, and accordingly choose a premium amount. You should also consider the clauses that you want treated in the insurance.

Transit Damage or Loss
A home owner’s insurance might offer some compensation if your instrument is stationary at home, but what about when you are traveling with the instrument. There is no clause that supports the monetary compensation for that time, which is why you should have your piano insured for damage or loss when you are traveling.

It is not enough to insure your piano; you should be able to choose the insurance wisely. It is important to choose an experienced solution provider who understands your business needs and offers a solution that happens to best-fit for your case. Choose the provider wisely and after thorough research.