3 Ways for Musicians to Build a Following on Snapchat

According to sources at Snapchat, a company currently valued at approximately $16 billion, users of the platform view upwards of 7 billion videos every day. Estimates of the total number of users run from 100 million each day to more than double that amount. Needless to say, if you aren’t using Snapchat to reach your fans, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to connect.

Recently, Snapchat made geofilters available on demand for brands and businesses. These filters allow you to render all videos from a certain area with a branded overlay, for a small fee of course. The possibilities for use are almost endless, so here are the top 3 ways musicians should be using Snapchat to grow and nurture their following.

1.) Offer Geo-Specific Promotions

Give your fans something that they can’t get on other platforms. Hold contests and promotions asking users to Snap videos using your filters in return for an exclusive download, t-shirt, or concert tickets. For example, say tickets for your upcoming show go on sale at the box office at 10am on Friday. You could hold a contest for the most unique Snaps using the filter you set up to be viewed within 100 feet of the box office from 9 am to 1pm.

2.)Partner with Events and Venues

Buying up geo-filters for long periods of time can be costly. Instead of doing it all yourself, try to partner with venues or events you will be part of. They have a vested interest in branding their location all the time, and by providing them with filters that also promote your music, you can effectively cross promote the two brands.

3.)Let Fans at the Shows Filter Their Videos

Many people, myself included, like to take a quick video at concerts to capture the moment. While I may not go out of my way to properly tag or filter the video during the show, if an option to do so is readily available, then I’ll take it. You can now make it super simple to add custom, branded geofilters to Snaps by setting one up for the venue you intend to play and the time of the show. That way, everyone viewing the video can immediately know who they’re seeing.

Used correctly, Snapchat can be a potent tool for musicians. The new geofilter feature now available on demand for Snapchat users has enormous potential to connect fans to their favorite artists in an innovative way. Keep in mind that to be effective, these filters should be short-lived (much like Snaps), very creative, and most importantly, planned in advance. This platform is an opportunity to reach millions of viewers with videos that can be especially powerful for music brands.

Have you used a Snapchat geo-filter yet? How what was the response from your fans and supporters? Let us know!

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