Sylvie Vartan, Charles Aznavour and the ye-ye girls

La plus belle pour aller danser(the most beautiful girl to go dancing)

Sylvie Vartan is part of the 60’s ye-ye group of french singers, inspired by British pop, sang in their native french. Watch the video for Sylvie with the Beatles. Of the entire group, France Gall, Françoise Hardy etc., I think Sylvie stands out for the power in her voice. Françoise Hardy stands out for her stunning good looks.

On a personal note, Sylvie’s voice reminds me of someone really special, helped me find inspiration for this post today. Merci.

Take a listen to the song, the lyrics are by the master himself, Charles Anzavour, tender and sensual. My favorite part of the song is at 0:53 in the video

Sera chiffonnée et les cheveux j’ai coiffées, Decoiffées par tes mains(the dress will be rumpled and the hair that I combed(styled), will be disheveled by your hands)

No explanation needed, mister Aznavour strikes.

Here is Charles Aznavour at his best, singing La Bohème(hit cc on the video for subtitles). A story about passionate young love, amazing lyrics.

Finally one for the road, the beautiful Françoise Hardy, a note about the video, amazing work by the person that made and posted it(inspired by and a tribute to the french new wave movies from the late 50's on). The song is about her disappointment in the immaturity of her lover.

Thanks for reading, hope this inspires you to broaden your horizons.

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