2017 How to Find & Leverage Influencers

Consumers nowadays trust recommendations from a friend or someone they know more than some hollow impersonal marketing scheme. Influencer marketing has been one of the most effective ways to lure customers and clients. “Word of mouth” or PR is one of the most effective ways to get your name or your brand out there. An influencer is like that friend who will connect your brand with your consumers.

That’s why it’s important to reach out to these influencers who can speak on your brand’s behalf.

And here’s how to find the RIGHT guy/gal

Check their Engagement Ratio

A good start would be to look at the engagement ratio between the number of followers, likes, and comments that they get. Look into their Facebook and Youtube influences engagement; all the data is there for you to view. However, for Instagram, there are actual tools you could use in order for you to find out if they have enough traction. One great tool is: Iconosquare, with Influencers Index, a really quick and simple way of identifying influencers on Instagram. Simply choose the category you’re interested in and find everything else. and obviously, the more engagement they have, the more credibility they have towards your target market.

Who is Following Them?

Influencers tend to specialize in creating content for a particular topic, genre, or subgenre that could be relevant to your brand. Always follow where your audience is and what they’re interested in.

The popular influencers talk to your target consumers daily and audiences tend to hang on to their word.

Check Out All their Platforms

Some influencers start out on one platform and tend to be popular on that particular platform, but they also branch out to other types of Social Media to keep the conversation going. By following and knowing your audience, you should be aware of which platform your product should most likely have some traction. Therefore you can choose to contact an influencer on a particular platform that’s beneficial for you.

Let them be Creative

Get them involved in the creation process and be genuine throughout/ If the product really works and if it’s a great experience for them, they’ll be more than happy to recommend it to all their viewers and subscribers. One example is to have them create a scenario where there’s a “problem,” and your product would be the “solution.”

Give them the ideas to work with, but not scripts, and additionally give them the right information about your brand and your product and what they should expect from it.

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