How to Find and Build Your Email List: Email-Marketing

Contacts are the life source of your email marketing campaign. Therefore, it is vital that you build your own list of contacts who are interested in your product, your service, and your message. It’s more cost effective than wasting time sending emails to random individuals who are not. You want a list of contacts who have agreed to receive mass emails from you. This will give you better results and more success in your email marketing campaigns.

Tips to Building your List

One way of building your list is by using your website to attract contacts. By writing compelling articles on your site, you can drive your clients to signing up to your newsletter.
In order to utilize your website in generating contacts, you need to add a subscription button or form where your clients can sign up. Make sure to make the signing up process as easy as possible.

Another way to build your list is by networking with your target market. You could go to Fairs and Trade shows to network. You can even network with people that you meet at coffee shops, bookstores, bars, any place that you are surrounded by people. Networking could take place anywhere, so, you have to be ready at all times.

Having a subscription form could be handy and helpful when networking. You should have some kind of subscription form with you to subscribe the people that you meet.

This is probably one of the best tools to build a “quality” list. Forwarding is equivalent to word of mouth. The best marketers for your product/service/message are the people who already use and know them. Of course, in order for this method to be effective, you have to have a compelling message. Thus, writing interesting, eye catching campaigns is key so that your current contacts would have the urge to forward your campaign to people they know.

Social Networking
Another way of Building your list is by using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. By becoming active in social networks that your target market belongs to, you will have a better chance of attracting “quality” contacts. Being a part of people’s social network helps build trust. Once you have earned their trust, they would be more willing to hear your message. And, thus, be more willing to sign up to your list.

In addition, you can add social networking links to your campaigns. In one share of your campaign on a social networking site, it could go viral. The more shares or mentions you get, the better your chances of getting new contacts who are interested in your products, services, or message.

Quality vs Quantity
Building a “quality” list of contacts may take time, but it’s always worth it. You can take the shortcut and pay for the list but this would likely result in a non-effective outcome. It is better to do the work and build your list over time. It will pay off in the end. When you have a list of contacts who voluntarily subscribe to your list, you will have better success with your email marketing campaign.

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