gives you the How To on Sending Music To a Label!

When you’re starting out in the music industry you have to be ready to wear many different hats along the DIY career path. Remember you are an entrepreneur as much as the small business owner. At this point it’s time to don the hat of music producer. You are going to be submitting your music for label approval, and as with any job application or presentation, your aim is to impress! Follow this list below and it’ll definitely take along the road to success and acceptance at the record labels!

Be extremely selective in your track!

You have to send in your best work. Get close friends, strangers, anyone you can, who can give you an honest opinion of your music to judge the work. You need the quality to be the best, and you want to be able to sell the songs in the best possible light, should it get to that point. As an unknown artist to the record label, they are not going to want to have your entire catalogue of songs either, that’s why you need to send your best. If they like what they hear, they’ll ask for more, and that’s what you want. Once they ask, send them the rest!

Preparing your songs for delivery!

When sending your songs to the record label, don’t try to be cute and playful, or coy. Send them full tracks to listen to, you don’t want these people to feel like they are wasting their time listening to sample tracks or teasers; also make sure the quality is the best, 320 kbps is the way to go. The last people you want to annoy are the A&R people, if they have to struggle to hear your sound, or your quality isn’t good enough for them to hear you clearly, the chances of getting call back from them to either hear more stuff, or a better quality version is close to zilch. Upload your songs to a private source, Soundcloud is a good one, disable the free download ability, and make it easy for them to listen to your tracks.

Composing your demo selection email.

When you are writing to the record label, you need to remember one thing; this email is a business request. You are asking the label to enter into an arrangement with you as an entrepreneur. In light of that, you want to be professional with your language and dialogue. You don’t want it to be boring either, so you need to also show your creativity and create an attention grabbing subject heading. In the body of text, you should tell them who are you, describe your music to them, what you’re looking for from them. Include all the information about you, press releases, tracks descriptions, album art, and the easy to use links directly to your music.

Choosing the right record label for your music!

You want to do your research into which label will want to carry your work. If you’re an EDM DJ or a Latin pop musician, sending your stuff to a hip hop label is a waste of your time and money, as well as their time. One of the best ways to figure that out is to figure out which artists are similar to your style and what label carries them. Once you’ve gotten that figured it’s time to proceed with sending the email you’ve already prepared. Try to make it a little more personal so they know you’ve taken the time and did do your homework. Again, you want to come off as professional.

Be engaged and communicative!

At this point it’s more or less a waiting game. Once all is sent, it’s on you to check your email regularly for those labels who will be interested in dealing with you. Respond to every email you receive, but don’t rush the decision to jump at the first label either; patience is very much the key to being successful. Their A&R department may not respond to you right away, and so use this time strategically to finalize the offers. Don’t sign the same track to different labels, you must first be communicative with them and learn the ins and outs of the agreement. The communication with the record labels following your demo submission is entirely your choice, so remember, this is a business agreement and remain professional.

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