What to Consider Before Releasing Your Album

Releasing an album requires a huge amount of work, money, and effort. You have to know exactly what you’re facing before deciding to do it. While getting your album ready for the public, here are some pointers to consider:

1. Releasing an Album
For self-releasing, it includes everything from selling copies at shows to landing distribution deals, but just because you’re not working with a record label doesn’t mean that you won’t have to do the work that a record label does if you want success.

Make sure you understand that your album needs promotion, distribution, and manufacturing for the process of releasing actually work.

2. Promoting Your Music
You’ve got to generate a lot of promotion to let the world know that your album exists. You can hire PR companies or handle things on your own. This decision comes down to your budget and what you you think is more realistic. If you are promoting your album yourself, decide what your promotion targets are.

3. Distributing Your Music
Fortunately, there’s no need for you to manufacture hard copies and start courting distributors. Tunecore, CD Baby, and other sites can get your music to the people digitally with ease, however you have to plan all this.

4. Planing Shows to Promote the Album
Live shows are the best way to promote your new release. This will increase your fanbase and help you get press for your album, but booking takes time — and time is always at a premium.
If you’re experienced at booking your own shows, then you probably have a database of existing contacts. If you haven’t booked shows before, be sure to allot some time for getting some gigs set up.

5. Paying for Your Album
Releasing an album costs money. Using credit cards is not necessarily a good plan. Be sure to create a budget for your release that doesn’t overreach your funds.

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