Music, Cure For The World..

The world is ill. I am not a pessimist, but the world we live in is undoubtedly in a very serious condition. It is infected with misconception of happiness, and the symptom is division within societies, hence the terrible incidences like massacre in Charleston, SC. To further discuss, we need to first clearly understand a formula.

There is clear distinction between invisible values and visible forms. It costs ‘sacrifice’ to transform invisible values into visible forms — like working hard, raising children, giving gifts to loved ones. However, the transformation in the opposite direction — from visible forms into intangible values — is simply impossible. It is because visible forms, or materials, do not carry such kind of values, but only exchangeable values with other visible forms. Despite this, many of us believe, or are made believe that owning more will lead us to happiness — material things being transformed into invisible values, happiness in this case.

There are two critical problems to this: 1, there are only finite number of material things we can own, and 2, since we are defined by what we own, we lose our sense of self when we lose our possession. Therefore, we logically fight to keep what we already have, and own more by taking away from others. In turn, everyone else becomes my enemy, hence the division.

The alternative is to enjoy our ‘being’ — experience, love, joy, empathy — drawing our attentions away from what is seen, and fixing our eyes on invisible values. Once we all choose ‘being’ instead of ‘having', the world can be cured, and the symptom of division will go away.

This is where music comes in. Music is the language of our being. When we listen and enjoy music, what we possess becomes instantly irrelevant. In music, we are comforted, strengthened, and become hopeful again. And such benefits never run out even when it is shared with millions of people. Music is the most powerful ammunition we have to fight the problem of division.

Jason at Music is a Gift, inc

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