Work-Life Balance Sans Compensation or Respect

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Work life balance is an essential term in the lives of the working class.

Apparently, it doesn't matter whether you work for MNCs or a startup - expecting you to work day and night for nothing is unfair at your employer's part. But who's going to question that?

No matter how many trips or parties are sponsored by your boss/work, you are still not supposed to slog for those extra hours without pay. But how do we address this situation? We haven't read the labor laws. Not to forget that, despite working your sorry and guilt-burdened ass off, you aren't respected and appreciated for the hours and efforts you put in. On top of it, if you speak up - you're an ungrateful employee and a rebel who argues.

Ungrateful because the boss took you to one foreign trip as an off-site visit, where you were working too. Ungrateful because the boss took you to weekend trips where you paid your share and worked too. Ungrateful because the Saturdays and Sundays you work, the boss pays for your lunch. Ungrateful because your workplace is an open environment where sexist jokes flow free and you laugh the hardest because UGH why would you want to be so touchy about it? Ungrateful because when talking about incentives, you're lied too and are paid less than your male counterpart because well, he has a family to support and probably you're earning to just prove your feminism. Ungrateful because, well, this job is a favor.

I'm tired of the burden of the unending favors.

I'm going to remind everyone that, I've evened up all the favors. Those extra hours on weekdays without extra pay. Those extra hours on weekends with no pay. Those cancelled plans with friends and loved ones because work needed me. Those sick days when it was still 'work from home'. Those missed moments with friends. Those sexless nights because stressed and working. And probably a future with no friends and love because I was too busy giving time to work with no extra pay while they moved on with time.

I deserve respect.

I deserve my life.

I deserve fair pay.

I deserve a guilt-free life.

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