God Damn

God Damn

God, Dam, Please be with me 
I´ve got no worries 
God is all over my shoulders 
I don’t get nervous
Church is about to begin, get ready for the service

Mozambican spitting cobra,
Coming with an army full of soldiers, the motto is get saved or die trying,
Sacred bodies turned into a wicked nation, 
I pray for salvation 
I think more graveyards should be built, temptation is inevitable,
our sins were forgiven, too late to find my Kingdom? 
Not at all.

I repent from all that I did; somehow, it feels as if I already got my master’s degree,
Demons constantly calling my soul.
Persuaded to have ambitions and goals,
Tired of self-negative talk I need revival in my soul 
I see the devil slowly losing its grip.

Songs of Solomon through these lyrics. 
In advance, I pray that you forgive me 
I am just a servant of your majesty trying to make a living.
Firm believer that my actions determine my destiny, working on my locus control
 At the same time, I feel the need to let go.

Vulnerability makes me feel naked like we talking about the times of Eden Worker of the magistrate of truth, single handedly forcing my way into freedom 
Sick of being controlled by things that I need to acquire in order to be accepted by society motivated by cars,
 Fossil fuels going up that’s just another war that we ought to fight.
God created the earth so we can destroy it to increase profits, thy kids will get obese so please big corps lay off the greed.

Want to make the world a better place,just don’t know how to contribute it That’s why I follow the word and I speak of the things that I do not concur ,
So, let’s unite our forces so the world we can conquer.

By Arsenio Ntimane

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