Across the nation, cities are taking a stand against hate

In response to anti-Muslim rallies scheduled across the U.S., these cities took action.

This Ramadan, anti-Muslim hate group ACT for America attempted to use 29 cities across the nation as a staging ground for its bigotry. Their goal was to target and isolate American Muslims from their community during the holy month of Ramadan. They failed. 
All across the country, community groups, politicians and ordinary citizens responded to ACT’s hatred by speaking out against the events.In fact, a coalition of 129 groups sent letters to mayors of each of these cities, urging them s to disavow the bigotry taking place in their backyard.
When hate threatened to breach the limits of their cities, many residents in these cities immediately came together to take a stand — and in most cases, outnumbered the bigoted protesters in an effort to defend their Muslim neighbors. 
Here is what some of the cities did to stand up against hate:

Atlanta, GA

The people of Atlanta came together to participate in an interfaith service event to support unity rather than bigotry.

Austin, TX

The anti-Muslim protest of 40 in front of the Texas Statehouse was put to shame by a counter-protest that was twice its size. Austin’s Mayor, Steve Adler, stood up at a press conference in support of unity and joined the counter-protest with a sign saying, “Muslims are welcome in my town.”

Boston, MA

Cambridge city councilor, Nadeem Mazen joined the local counter-protest which outnumbered the anti-Muslim group to share “the real story of what is going on in our mosques and our communities.”

Chicago, IL

Chicagoans came to the defense of Muslims in a crowd that outnumbered the protesters three times over. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, tweeted that “Hate does not have a home in Chicago. All religions are welcome here” in order to #CounterACTHate.

Cincinnati, OH

The Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati opened its doors on the day of the protest for an open house they regularly host without fear and with over 100 attendees.

Dallas, TX

When gun-wielding anti-Muslim protesters stood outside of the Islamic Association of North Texas, Muslims from the mosque came out and distributed water to display an act of kindness in the face of antagonism.

Denver, CO

Denver’s anti-Muslim protests were far outnumbered by a group of 200 counter-protesters in the state capital.

Harrisburg, PA

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 230 people held a unity event that completely overshadowed the 60 anti-Muslim protesters.

Houston, TX

Houston’s interfaith community came together to support their Muslim neighbors by holding a counter-protest that outnumbered the anti-Muslim event two-to-one.

Indianapolis, IN

In Indianapolis, Mayor Joe Hogsett tweeted his disapproval of the anti-Muslim protest, and local Congressman Andre Carson spoke up on Facebook to condemn anti-Muslim extremism.

Kansas City, MO

Kansas City’s faith groups came together to host an interfaith event that overshadowed the anti-Muslim protest.

Lansing, MI

Two anti-Muslim protests took place in Michigan, one in Lansing and another in Southfield. Both city’s mayors disavowed the protests. In Lansing, the community “washed away the hate” by bringing buckets and sponges to the counter-protest.

New York City, NY

In New York City, 200 counter-protesters came together in the face of hate, which is double the amount of protesters that came out. The support for Muslims in the city was staggering. Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office said that the march was not representative of New York City.

Oceanside, CA

In Oceanside, 70 counter-protesters held an event far outnumbering the anti-Muslim event .

Orlando, FL

Orlando had a remarkable showing of support for the counter-protesters while the anti-Muslim protest had a “sparse” crowd.

Phoenix, AZ

Local militia members came armed to the anti-Muslim protest in Phoenix, but even in the face of this, unity prevailed as the counter-protesters made their voices heard.

Portland, OR

In Portland, Mayor Ted Wheeler acted to stop the march from taking place and succeeded.

Raleigh, NC

238 counter-protesters came out in Raleigh completely outnumbering the 76 anti-Muslim protesters.

Roseville, CA

Hundreds of people showed their support for American Muslims by participating in the counter-protest.

San Bernardino, CA

White supremacy groups were present at the San Bernardino anti-Muslim rally however the counter-protest had a strong presence as well.

Santa Clara, CA

More than 100 community groups came together to march in a Unity Walk. The city’s Mayor, Lisa Gillmor also issued a statement in support of the targeted Muslim community.


Seattle’s Mayor, Mike McGinn demonstrated with counter-protesters to “stand in solidarity” with Muslims.

St. Paul, MN

There was an incredible support for the Muslims of St. Paul’s local community as 300 counter-protesters came out against the smaller group of 100 anti-Muslim protesters.

Syracuse, NY

The Syracuse anti-Muslim protest was met with 100 passionate counter-protesters from throughout the local community.

Virginia Beach, VA

40 anti-muslim protesters were countered by dozens more supporting love and unity in their home town.

Waterbury, CT

Mayor Neil O’Leary spoke out against the anti-Muslim protests that were going to take place in his town.

Wichita, KS

In Wichita, anti-Muslim protesters on the capitol’s steps were met by strong, passionate counter-protesters who ensured that their message of unity was heard.

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