Buying Krai

Mr Shinzo Abe
Prime Minister of Japan
2–3–1 Nagata-chō 
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100–8968

Dear Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,

A great earthquake hit Japan in 2012
There was tsunami disaster and a nuclear power plant got damaged.
Nobody has forgotten the images of that tsunami.

I thought like this at that time.
One is Croesus (has a powerful economy).
The other is land baron (has a land of 17 million km square).
Two big countries. Two neighborhood countries.
Their populations are nearly the same but the land of one is 40 times of others. Japan can buy land from Russia, must buy, it is necessary.

We have a rule learned from Ararat. The system of mutuality.

I have sent a letter to Mr. Yokoi, your Embassy in Ankara.
By mutuality system, Krai can be bought just like Alaska was bought.
You may construct nuclear power plants on the mainland. I kindly ask you to pay a prepayment of 10 million dollars. I can make this happened.

I have addressed President Putin as well. They can lease or sell land to Japan, and get the technical and economic power of Japan by your side. Europe practices embargo to Russia. You will balance the embargo

They are letters written with strict logic based on Ararat doctrines.

Japan and Russia have not signed a treatment after the World War II. These two counties are at war legally due to Kuril Islands. Carnegie Endowment offered suggestions for making peace between two countries. I didn’t know them in the beginning. These made my suggestion more legitimate.

There is an aircraft factory of Russia in the middle of border line I drew (Google info). You may develop an aircraft made by Japan-Russia, just like Airbus of German-French partnership. A new aircraft like Boeing or Airbus will emerge to the world market. If you want to climb the rock, aim to climb the Moon, then it would be easy to climb the rock. Ask Krai and get Kuril. I have also send certain letters to your Embassy.

If there is a conflict and a solution is being sought, there is a department for this issue in your ministry of foreign affairs. I went to your country. I looked for a respondent a week long. “Appointment” was the problem.

I have just seen a tweet from one of my followers. You need to consider this tweet. People are afraid of your weaponizing project. Your citizens feel uneasy about war possibility after 70 years of unweaponed life.

I didn’t know that you had a weaponing project of 300 billion dollars. This is a strange coincidence that I wrote you might purchase Krai at 300 billion dollars.

There is no bargaining concept in Japan.
Give me an appointment. I will finalize the business claimed.

Those who have questions should ask these questions themselves. Is it ethical if Japanese people live on locations with tsunami risk while there are lands on the other side where Russians never use? Is war ethical while there is mutuality.

Best regards, Mustafa Bilgili

Copy to President Putin

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