MustangChain is looking to disrupt the more than $300 Billion equine industry to defragment, verify, regulate, and unite all stakeholders involved. By creating a blockchain-based solution, MustangChain is a properly-regulated global standard to validate, authenticate, and manage equine identity, historical data, and value/data transactions through the MustangChain Platform and the use of the fraud-proof Sealed Verification System (SVS). This Platform is a one-stop online platform where stakeholders can unite, interact, and easily transact equine merchandise, services, data, and expertise.

Note from the CEO

“The equine industry is rife with transparency issues, relying too heavily on non-digitized approaches to commerce, operating with no global market platform in place for its many stakeholders. These issues will only be compounded in the future unless a solution is found. The current practices across the industry have created a highly fragmented industry stifling growth, breeder privileges, foundational governance, and facilitation on a global scale.
MustangChain will modernize this $300 billion a year fragmented industry through the use of cutting-edge Blockchain technology by launching the first decentralized global ecosystem designed by highly-qualified experts specifically catering to an equine professional’s ability to validate, own, audit, share, collaborate, and learn from others. MustangChain will bring transparency, trust protocols, and improved conditions ushering in a new era of prosperity for the equine industry alongside some of the industry’s prominent players.
Harnessing VechainThor’s patented distributed ledger technologies and advanced Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, MustangChain will provide and ensure non-personal trust to all participants within the global equine community. The basis of fraud-proof data combined with fast accessibility will liberate participants within the MustangChain ecosystem to allow them to transact with one another in full confidence to revolutionize equine commerce.
For the capture of equine data on the MustangChain platform, a unique application of the digital passport will be issued listing crucial information such as ownership, medical records, physical conditions, and breeding history. This process will add additional layers of protection to the horse, not just from an ownership perspective but from a moral and wellbeing through ethical governance and tracking of breeders and horses.
The large volume of data collected will be accessible in real-time by MustangChain participants on a platform that will be state-of-the-art, simple to use, yet fit for the industry in design. This will empower participants by providing assets to build the equine ecosystem together through creating innovative decentralized applications on the platform, fostering collaboration and a sense of community that will help to stimulate many developments, such as scientific advancements in research and breeding analysis.
MustangChain as a platform is not just about conscientious and good governance with regard to IoT and blockchain, it is also very much about demonstrating corporate social responsibility in the equine industry based on a sincere and shared passion for horses.
The Mustang is a symbol and token of the free and pioneering spirit of the American West. MustangChain embodies the new tokenized world by carrying that torch of freedom and pioneering spirit into the digital frontier. By working alongside many highly esteemed organizations, or other classification, currently under NDA, MustangChain will be the fruition of that unified intent.”

Danny van de Griend

CEO of MustangChain

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Why VeChainThor Platform?

Since our inception in 2017, our team of blockchain experts and strategists have been evaluating several blockchains with the design specifications necessary to properly disrupt this industry. When we evaluated VeChainThor it was clear to us that this platform was above the rest. The team at VeChain offers technological advantages for transaction execution, data ownership, collaboration, and IoT integration that is easily adaptable to our needs. When talking with VeChain Incubation Team, it was evident that their strategy and vision were not only practical but game-changing. The decision to choose VeChain was unanimous, and we are assured we will have all the tools and resources necessary to build the product our market deserves.

This was also thanks to Danny’s working experience with the VeChain CEO Sunny Lu and his team. Danny helped to facilitate a signing for multiple enterprise deals (unannounced) and government meetings in Europe. Through this work, Danny was given the opportunity to learn the strengths of the VeChain Team and deeply analyze their products. As a result, Danny has the fullest confidence in working with VeChain to deliver long-term results.

The Team

Danny van de Griend — Chief Executive Officer

Prominent Board Member of the European Blockchain Foundation and Co-Founder of China Blockchain Partners. Successfully onboard and advise partners in the early VeChain Global Expansion. Vast experience working in the blockchain industry, business development, and deeply connected to the equine industry.

Onur Yildirim — Chief Operating Officer

Worked as a lead MSL at Johnson & Johnson and Novartis for more than 3 years. Master’s degree (cum laude) in Clinical Neuropsychology and a Ph.D. in Neurobiology from Radboud University. He has worked with Danny early in the blockchain industry and proved that his schooling and work background transcend traditional definitions of applied science into true operational leadership.

Shaif Basier — Chief Financial Officer

Qualified Dutch Chartered Accountant (RA), with over 18 years’ of financial management experience working for industry-leading companies, that include GE Capital, Royal Bank of Scotland, and KMPG.

Pascal de Kloe — Chief Technical Officer

Designing and developing several groundbreaking storage and security products for 3 years at the European Patent Office to leading scalability innovation at eBay, a dedication to excellence is his mantra. Core Developer at Ethereum Classic.

Robert van Aert — Chief Legal Officer

Served at Maxxelli Consulting helping foreign companies such as Apple, Clorox and Oakwood expand their global footprint in China for 5 years. Co-Founder of China Blockchain Partners. Extensive experience in corporate structuring and cross-border mergers & acquisitions.

David de Vriesere — Director of Public Affairs

Leading visionary in brand management and marketing when it comes to Blockchain Technologies. Founded BitBelgium in March 2017 and is often a public speaker at key DLT events. Was a field coordinator at UNICEF for 2 years.

Dmitry Tryndyk — IT director

Product owner of a mobile game which has amassed over 7 million users worldwide since 2014. Created the educational gaming world Splonk for children, which partnered with Holland’s largest math foundation Wiskunde Kangoeroe to create adaptive learning modules. Also created the first communication platform for party visitors in The Netherlands that received over 250.000 unique visitors per month.

Strategic Advisors

Sunny Lu — CEO of VeChain

CREAM — A Crypto Merchant Bank


Rorie Devine — Technology Expert and Founder of Interim.Team.

Bart Brands — Political Lobbyist, Former Politician, Security and Intelligence Advisor

Bert Schelfhout — Belgium Parliamentary Advisor in the Flemish Parliament

Takako Yoshikawa — Expert in the Japanese and Chinese Equine Industry, CPA

Stefan Schrickx — Established Horse Breeder

Frank van Leeuwen — Veterinarian Expert

Pieter Verstraete — Blockchain Strategist and Business Developer


More than a dozen organizations, federations, or companies currently under strict NDA. Some shall be released to the public in the coming weeks.



Release before mid-June.

The Token Offering

We have determined that the max supply of MUST tokens outstanding will be 100 billion tokens. This round of issuance will be separated into 3 tranches, the private round, the VeChain Foundation round and the public round. The ICO is hard capped at 20 Million USD. The exact ratio of VET to MUST tokens for distributions will be announced at a later date and included in our official white paper release. MustangChain Foundation has pledged to raise 100% of the tokens in VET. We have decided on 100% VET raise due to our commitment and trust in the VeChain Ecosystem moving forward.

Lastly we pledge through the facilitation of VeChain Foundation, to enable VeChain X-Node holders to have methods to achieve different tiers of rights of purchase and discounts.

The dates to begin the private and public offerings will be announced at a later date. For more information and news, please follow our social media accounts:

The full version of the white paper, along with more detailed plans of the ICO process will be out in June, please stay tuned.

The Token Allocation and roadmap

Please wait for WP release, the information will be there.

Join Us

If you are an equine expert working with breeders, veterinarians, federations, or just feel passionate about the equine industry and love the magnificent animal and would like to be part of our cause, please contact if you would like to walk this journey together.