MustangChain Partners with Iconic Equestrian Sport Reporter Jaak Pijpen

Jaak Pijpen, one of the most iconic news reporters in equestrian sport in Belgium and the Netherlands, will be joining the MustangChain advisory board as a brand ambassador. Jaak has always been a true animal lover, which has been the driving force behind his passion for the equestrian sport. Jaak was drawn to MustangChain because he envisioned how the solution would not only offer better results but also better living and care.

With a career spanning over five decades working as an equestrian sport reporter, Jaak has an impressive network within the equine industry. As an ambassador Jaak will help connect MustangChain with key players in the equestrian sport and thereby facilitate the onboarding of new clients and strategic partnerships.

“I came to know Danny on a sunny summer day but if it had been the heart of winter, all snow probably would have melted due to the passionate enthusiasm with which he talked about MustangChain. After hearing about the wonderful initiative I didn’t have to think long to become an ardent ambassador for MustangChain” said Jaak Pijpen
MustangChain COO and CEO together with Jaak Pijpen at the Equestrian Races in Oostende, Belgium.

Jaak began his career as an equestrian news reporter in 1975 working for ‘de Standaardgroep’ before quickly rising and appearing on national television as an equestrian sports journalist. During the 1980’s and 1990’s Jaak had his own show on national television in which he would make predictions on the results of upcoming equestrian races. He was known for his ability to correctly predict the winning horse repeatedly. In addition to his career as a news reporter, Jaak has also been active as an actor in different TV shows and movies before turning to politics in 1994.

“Jaak is one of those personalities you can’t help but like. He has always been an ambitious man but endowed with a heart of gold and love for the animals. His passion has earned him a honorable name in the equestrian sport industry. I am glad to have an ambassador like Jaak representing MustangChain.” Danny van de Griend, CEO.

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