Why is the NE GOP waging war on Crystal Rhoades?
Phil Montag

I watched the hearing on a bill that would essentially restructure the PSC into irrelevancy. Two things: The proponents of the bill very much resent the salary that PSC members are paid. Second, they were very rude to former PSC member Anne Boyle. That’s inexcusable. When a legislative salary increase was on the ballot a few years ago, I supported it. Legislators should make more than $12,000 a year. After seeing the first-third of this year’s session, I don’t know if I’d still support a salary increase. The governor’s push to make the body more partisan is disturbing, as is the Gang of 27s willingness to cede budgetary power to the governor. There’s also some personal behavior issues. Sen. Tyson Larson ate a sandwich during a committee hearing one day, he’s absent from other hearings or on his phone constantly. I’d also bet real money there was one senator who was drunk when he appeared at the 1:30 hearing on one of his bills. I’d thought that he’d was probably recovering from a stroke or some other condition that could cause slurred speech, but when he spoke an hour or two after his introduction, the slurred speech was gone. Did he have a miraculous medical recovery or merely sober up? I’m old. I’ve been watching the legislature for decades. After-hours bad behavior is one thing. Bad behavior broadcast statewide is an entirely different thing. These guys are bringing disrespect on the body. If they want a pay raise, they should behave like professionals.

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