Donald Trump is not a Conservative

Donald Trump is nowhere near an actual conservative with absolutely no conservative principles and ideology.

People around the US and even the globe have been trying relentlessly to expose Trump as being a fascist, unexperienced, bigoted showman who would only be a huge disaster for the United States and evidently the world. But thousands of articles and hundreds of experts repeating this info on and on, day after day proved to be futile, while The Donald’s popularity continued to grow until he successfully snatched the Republican party’s nomination and eventually the presidency.

A lot of people even educated and experienced ones, seem to be fooled by the act Trump is pulling, throwing in a couple of Conservative phrases or talking points once in a while, and his supporters go crazy and love him more and more. But Trump is no conservative, and proof over the years is very clear and should be examined by every true conservative, in heart and mind.

Trump over the years have donated thousands of dollars to establishment Democrats and Liberals like Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, and of course his rival in the race to the White House Hillary Clinton, which he refers to her as “Crooked Hillary” nowadays.

Trump used to always express his love and support for a single-payer system of socialized medicine, even more to the left than Obamacare. Trump considers Health and Education as top priorities that the federal government should work on. And any conservative knows, this is the most Liberal position you can get on these issues.

And for the very famous issue regarding “Planned Parenthood” and its defunding, Trump has previously showed his admiration and praise for the good work this institute is putting, which is a position loathed by every true conservative in the country. Not to mention his continuous flip-flopping on the topic of abortion, gun control, Russia, taxes, and many other issues, in which Trump would make Hillary look like a stubborn right winger at some instances.

Trump and his family live a very Liberal life, and we can see that especially in Trump’s Casino and gambling endeavors and how he used to operate them, and his wife Melania Trump’s modeling career (especially when it involved nude modeling and other stuff). They don’t stand for the family values true conservatives say they support and live by, Trump knows nothing about the Bible or Christianity and he really doesn’t care at all, he probably has someone giving him headlines and a couple of sentences to refer to from the book.

And for another really important issue, Trump doesn’t really know or understand the American constitution, and eventually it will be clear that he doesn’t even give a damn about it, especially with ideas and statements he keeps making day after day, completely opposing the core of it.

Trump has done several Conservative “no-no”, and maybe one of the most blatant — not only considered unconservative, but absolutely un-American — Trump attacked the family of a fallen soldier, the Khan family, in the Iraq war, which happened to be Muslim, in the most disgusting and ignorant way imaginable. And guess what, that family schooled Trump on the principles of Conservatism and its most important cornerstone, the constitution.

About a month ago, Donald Trump said his famous words: “Folks, I’m a conservative. But at this point, who cares?” Well it seems not a lot of people really care, and surely the GOP and its supporters don’t care at all, if the Republican party still holds conservative views and ideologies, Ted Cruz would have been the Nominee now, but the people chose someone that I won’t is a Liberal, because that wouldn’t even be fair to the Left, but is someone who doesn’t give a single damn about ideologies or principles, someone who would twist and turn any position he had or any view he holds to his favor, without any regard to honest political ideology and stances.

Since Donald Trump’s first days of running his campaign, he has only managed to gather and surround himself with bigoted close-minded people, which has only given Conservatism and the GOP a bad name, in a time good PR is much needed.

If Americans especially conservatives don’t expose Trump as the fraud he is, and completely strip him of his disguise, American democracy and freedom would be in a very dangerous place. And True Republicans can kiss their party good-bye as it shifts to a centered neutral manipulative party with no actual credibility.

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