How Advocacy Technology is Changing the Dynamics of Lobbying

The internet, smart phones, and emerging social media channels are all influencing how citizens and organizations relate to their legislators and participate in politics. The government affairs space has been inundated with new technologies, both in the hands of voters and elected officials themselves. In terms of government relations and advocacy, these tools are providing a meaningful way for associations and other advocacy groups and the like to have their voice heard.

This increased access to new technologies is changing the very landscape that lobbyists have dominated for decades. The continued adoption of online government relations tools and advocacy software is shifting the dynamics between cause-oriented organizations, associations and elected officials.

With advocacy technology, the unified voice of many members in an organization can be just as powerful as a lobbyist, acting on behalf of the organization. Emerging technology and this type of advocacy is placing the power back in the hands of constituents, allowing them to move the needle, digitally. In turn, an active membership not only boosts the organization’s voice and visibility in the political scene, but the organization can become a key player in politics. If your association is currently working with a lobbyist, consider supplementing lobbying efforts with a comprehensive member-driven outreach program with advocacy software. Connecting membership to their legislators is a powerful way to spread your message, and a meaningful way to influence policy.

If your organization is looking to invest in advocacy efforts, consider the importance of engaging and including your membership in legislative initiatives. Policymakers are elected to construct policy and represent their voters through their work, and rely on outside expertise and opinions of constituents. For professional associations specifically, effectively communicating to lawmakers concerns of your members’ professions is powerful. Elected officials learn from communications and advocacy campaigns.

Advocacy technology not only improves the relations between organizations and lawmakers, but boosts the organization’s efficacy and ability to serve its mission. Advocacy software is an incredibly valuable asset for an association/organization’s legislative goals and provides a holistic approach to influencing lawmakers through the voices of your membership.

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