Put your ideas out there… You will always have an audience!

I’m in the process of launching a new product which I have mentioned a few times in my recent blogs: the YAS Podcast. It has been something I was organically drawn to and it was validated by people showing enthusiasm towards the idea. So I wrote down a list of people that are living interesting, authentic lives, are easily accessible and had a unique story to tell. I contacted them and recorded interviews on my phone.

But all the while I was doing this there was an unspoken hesitance which lingered; a familiar feeling which slowly crept up the walls of my confidence. It was my old friends fear and doubt whispering false tales of inadequacy and planting the deceptive seeds of procrastination. A month after I had recorded my first podcast interview, I still had not released anything and the excuses of wanting to make the ‘perfect’ podcast prevented me from releasing it.

In the pursuit of being perfect, we forget the most important element of a new idea: to get it started!

As I was about to record my most recent interview, I went to my phone and realised all my podcasts had been erased by my kids! As frustrated as I was, I could only blame myself for not using the material I had all this time to better use. I took it as a sign to get my act together and ignore the little whispers of uncertainty. I was reassured by something one of my guests said in my YAS podcast:

Regardless if it’s 1 or 100 or 1000 people, you will always have an audience.

Having an audience does not mean having a large number of people who follow you, it’s about having dedicated quality core of people who believe in what you do and why you do it. No matter what your topic is or how you package it, there will always be someone there to hear you; especially if you are sincere in your message and authentic in your intention.

There is no more time to waste in self-doubt, others’ opinions or concern that noone will listen to your ideas. Procrastination is the hinderance to creation. And without creation, how do you evolve? And if you do not evolve, then how will you impact the world around you? Remember, you were not put on this earth to simply survive and go through the motions, but to put a dent in the universe and leave you own unique, authentic mark in your own distinctive way.

If you don’t create you don’t affect the world around you!

I recall a few years ago I was sitting outside on my balcony with a good friend of mine at 2am, listening to one of my favourite artists J.Cole. As we sipped our drinks and contemplated life, we allowed the smooth melodies to add to the pensive ambiance. I recall wondering if this American artist fathomed that right now he was impacting the lives of two African boys at 2 am in a small suburb in Zimbabwe! I wonder if he knew how profound, impactful, and influential he was and continues to be in our lives. Then I wondered about the void I (and all his other fans) would have if he didn’t take a risk and put his ideas on paper and record…

The world needs more diverse ideas, you do not know the impact it can have on someone you will never even see. In reality, putting your ideas out there is not even about you! So get into praxis mode and start converting your ideas into action, the world needs them!

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