Why YOU should be more like Gandalf

I have a lot of teachers I have identified in my life-journey; some fictional and others’ not. Yet none of that actually matters when they bestow their teachings on me. Whether the lesson comes from a movie, book, dream or conversation is irrelevant.

What is relevant is the chord that lesson strikes in my heart and the seed of transformation that is planted there. In this blog I pay homage to a teacher who needs no introduction, for he is known throughout many realms, kingdoms, worlds and beyond. He is the great wizard Gandalf.

For those of you who are not familiar with the epic tale of the Lord of the Rings, do yourself a favour and watch the movies or better yet, read the books. There are numerous life lessons buried in them, if you have the patience and the ears to hear them.

But let me give you a brief summary: there is this evil ring that was forged by a sinister dark lord a long, long time ago. It was lost and forgotten for thousands of years until fate brought it to a young hobbit, Frodo. As the new ring bearer this hobbit had to destroy this diabolical ring to rid it of its menace, otherwise its evil would spread and engulf the whole world. The only way to destroy the ring is to burn it in the fires that made it: the venomous home of the dark lord himself. Frodo set out on this quest with 8 other companions and Gandalf was one of them.

Now that I have summarised a 9 hour motion picture trilogy in a few lines, lets continue! When we meet Gandalf, he is know as Gandalf the Grey: a great wizard who has lived for 300 years and is a servant of the Light. It is fair to say that on this quest he is the most powerful of his companions and without him, there is even less hope to the ring being destroyed. So why does Gandalf the Grey fall to his demise so early in the tale? Well here lies the first lesson from this magical being:

Face your demons

Gandalf fell to his death literally fighting a demon! As he was the only one capable of defeating this immense advisory, he took up the task and fought his foe to the death.

How many times in your life have you had a situation to face your demons? This often means admitting something about yourselves you don’t like. It often means facing the fear based emotions and trusting yourself that you can rise above them. The truth is you can. But this is not easy. You must have Self-belief and the courage to be afraid and STILL face the darkness.


We find out later in the story after the world had mourned the death of Gandalf the Grey, he returned. But he was not his old self, he had shed that skin. He had upgraded to a newer, more compatible version of himself: he was now Gandalf the White…

There are times in your life that you have to leave your old-self behind and venture into the unknown. This is scary for a lot of us because that means we are no longer in control of our lives. You must continuously upgrade yourself and evolve.

Constantly shed your old skin or it will become a heavy burden to you and difficult to allow newer, better things to come into your life. Crucify the things in your life that you do not need anymore and trust that you will resurrect a newer version of yourself. Check out my blog on upgrading: have you upgraded here.


Gandalf the White is an interesting character in this tale. He has some memory of being Gandalf the Grey but he is actually a completely new being. Through his transformative experience, he now sees and understands two fundamental things: the bigger picture as well as the role he must play. Gandalf knows the importance of a single action, and how that can have a ripple effect that can change the fate of many. In the time that he is given, he uses it to help others’ to complete their various roles.

He is a catalyst for change.

Are you a catalyst for change? If so, then what type of change? When you BECOME your ego becomes less important, hence other peoples opinions cease to harm you because you see the bigger picture. When you see the bigger picture, YOU come less important and your outlook is more for the other.

Becoming is not a logical thing, it is beyond thought, bias or opinion; it is simply understanding your purpose in the grander scheme of things. Does this sound almost impossible? Good! So was destroying the ring, but it was done. Take your first step here to find our more about becoming: blog: thinking vs being

We are fortunate to live in a world where inspiration comes to us in numerous forms. We must be open to heed the messages and more immortally act upon them when we do. Allow me to leave you with a quote from a timeless character who has guided me through many of my trials and tribulations, and gently reminded me that all will be ok:

“the only decision that matters is what you do with the time that has been given to you…”
~Gandalf the Grey~