Through his drawings and paintings, the Austrian sought to explore the depth of the human psyche, locating himself on the fine line between art, psychoanalysis and medicine.

Bianca Spaggiari /MutualArt

Good artworks can rarely be deciphered easily and are generally less fascinating than complex and meaningful ones. This applies to Egon Schiele’s short but highly productive artistic career, which certainly isn’t simple to unravel. His works, loaded with unveiled eroticism and an inward-looking analytical eye, continues to compel, amaze, and…

In his brief life, the controversial artist created over a thousand illustrations, many of them too daring for his time, but he achieved what he initially set out to do.

Benjamin Blake Evemy /MutualArt

The 19th century saw a great amount of social and technological changes, and as it was drawing to a close, many felt that humanity had reached its peak — and its potential now fulfilled, it was doomed to implode. This led a certain number of writers and artists with no…

“Preserving, treasuring, celebrating and sharing the beauty of Earth is what drives me.”

Bianca Spaggiari /MutualArt

Art has the quality of breathing life into the world, to inspire and unify people. And if art is life, then life is art, and the latter consequentially will play a role, through its multiple and diverse facets, to maintain life and contribute to caring for earth.

This can take…

The American’s popular paintings reimagine the endings of Greek tragedies and alternatives to dystopian futures, all rendered through skillful technique.

Michael Pearce /MutualArt

The American painter Bryan Larsen is an optimist. His paintings of the future imagine mankind’s successful colonization of space; a prospering expansion from our blue home into orbit, captured in images of wheeling space stations that travel through the darkness, and streamlined rockets standing proudly over scenic outlooks upon the…

In the last decade, high art has definitively penetrated the high fashion market, resulting in widespread collaborations and increasing prominence among collections.

Maya Garabedian /MutualArt

Following the explosive popularity of artist collaborations with French fashion house Louis Vuitton, the commodification of wearable art took center stage in high fashion. This genre of work was a perfect fit for the 2010s, a time where everyday people saw fashion as a means of personal expression, and the…

Artists play a vital role in rethinking the wasteful and unsustainable approach that developed to become fast fashion. Stella McCartney, like no other, leads those fashion-art collaborations.

Maya Garabedian /MutualArt

When discussing the environmental impact of fashion, the focus is usually on the production of what’s called “fast fashion,” the cheap, trendy, mass-produced, and readily available styles that dominate the market. Fast fashion is a consumer-driven sector of the overall industry, but its high demand is certainly…

The first partnership between artist and fashion designer goes back to the early 20th century, but at the turn of the millennium, Louis Vuitton recognized an opportunity that changed the industry.

Maya Garabedian /MutualArt

The idea that art and fashion are interconnected certainly isn’t hard to grasp — after all, fashion in and…

The iconic artist, who was mainly a painter in his own eyes, created photographs and photograms using female subjects, the depth of which are brilliant and poignant.

Benjamin Blake Evemy /MutualArt

American born, but spending most of his career in Paris, visual artist Man Ray contributed greatly to the Dada and Surrealist movements, and even though he above all considered himself a painter, he created some of the most striking and well-known photographic images of the 20th century — especially those…


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