In his brief life, the controversial artist created over a thousand illustrations, many of them too daring for his time, but he achieved what he initially set out to do.

Benjamin Blake Evemy /MutualArt

Frederick Henry Evans, from Two Portraits of Aubrey Beardsley (presentation portfolio), 1893, Wilson Centre for Photography

“Preserving, treasuring, celebrating and sharing the beauty of Earth is what drives me.”

Bianca Spaggiari /MutualArt

René Magritte, Garten, 30,000 mixed flowers, copper wire, 2016 © Courtesy the artist

The American’s popular paintings reimagine the endings of Greek tragedies and alternatives to dystopian futures, all rendered through skillful technique.

Michael Pearce /MutualArt

Bryan Larsen, Over the Next Hill, Oils on Aluminium Composite, 40 x 24

In the last decade, high art has definitively penetrated the high fashion market, resulting in widespread collaborations and increasing prominence among collections.

Maya Garabedian /MutualArt

Raf Simons x Sterling Ruby, Runway look 25/48, Autumn/Winter 2014, outfit with appliqué wool-blend coat, bunny boots, briefcase. Courtesy of Raf Simons and Vogue US

Artists play a vital role in rethinking the wasteful and unsustainable approach that developed to become fast fashion. Stella McCartney, like no other, leads those fashion-art collaborations.

Olafur Eliasson, Imaginary Morning Eclipse (O is for Organic), 2020, colored class, silver, driftwood. Courtesy of Interview Magazine

Maya Garabedian /MutualArt

Yves Saint Laurent, Cocktail dress from “Homage to Piet Mondrian,” worn by Muriel, Autumn/Winter 1965 Haute Couture Collection, Photograph by Louis Dalmas in Paris, July 1965. Courtesy of Musée Yves Saint Laurent

The iconic artist, who was mainly a painter in his own eyes, created photographs and photograms using female subjects, the depth of which are brilliant and poignant.

Benjamin Blake Evemy /MutualArt

The Coat-Stand (Porte manteau), 1920, gelatin silver print, reproduced in New York Dada (magazine), Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray, April 1921, Bibliothèque Kandinsky, Centre Pompidou, Paris

Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema, Unconscious Rivals, oil on wood, 45.1 x 62.9 cm, 1893 © Courtesy of Bristol Museum

The Italian sculptor redefines the role of marble in today’s society, breaking down borders between the sacred, profane, and beauty.

Bianca Spaggiari /MutualArt

Fabio Viale, In Stein Gemeißelt exhibition, 2018 © Fabio Viale, Courtesy of München Glyptothek

Sarah Rayner, Entwined, 2020, hand carved porcelain, 28 x 28 x 10 cm (2 components). Courtesy of the Artist and Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert


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