Stuff I Learned During A Three Day Hiatus From The Internet.

A weird kid’s observations for three days while the internet wasn’t working.

Disclaimer notice: It’s only mildly good.

I am a millennial, (“millennial” here is strictly used as a age quantifier, make no character assumptions please!) who’s trying to navigate the world pretending to know what I’m doing.

Living in upper mid-middle class Nigeria (I will explain my socio-economic hierarchy system in due time, maybe) the internet for most of my life had been a given. I have had access to the internet for as long as I can remember. There are some faint memories I have of my dad carrying toddler me on his lap trying to set up a dial-up internet connection with his PRESTEL modem, so he could read his yahoo mail on his dinosaur desktop, now long deceased (the computer not my dad). More recent memories of mom’s portable MTN modem/flash drive that I used to play games on Cartoon Network HQ , look at google image searches of my favourite disney stars and watch music videos on YouTube. Then the post 2014 Wi-Fi router I use at home to watch hours of KickthePJ (amongst others) on YouTube and watch HD ripped cartoons. So you see the internet has always been a part of my life I’ve never been completely without access to it… until these past few days.

Background: I go to a private school isolated from the rest of Nigeria (phones are disallowed, I will get into this on a different post, maybe), and the only internet networks are school provided. Two days ago the Internet office had a fire that apparently destroyed equipment and students are left with no form of internet at all whatsoever. Since then I have noticed a few things that I wish to share with you:

  1. I browse the internet less. No duh.
  2. I am trying to get in touch with my more creative side. I penned down some stuff, none of it was very good. The things that weren’t complete crap, were all poorly strung together attempts at sounding intelligent and interesting. This post is a good example.
  3. My roommates and I are having deeper conversation. We drifted a bit out of our normal shallow talk about girls, the Premier League, Marvel, DC, Marvel vs. DC, FIFA 16 and girls. Now trust me I am all about deep conversation but whenever I try to bring up anything that requires their brains to move a little out of that region, they either disregard weird old Muyiwa or they don’t understand me outright. Maybe I’m just boring. These past few days have been a little different though, they tried to give me advice for my anxiety. But I won’t be lip-synching anything by Kanye West anytime soon.
  4. I am not as bored as I thought I would have been, If I was told i would be in this situation a few weeks ago. Or maybe its exams starting in a few days. I don’t know.
  5. The bags under my eyes are smaller. I am finally getting some sleep it feels good!
  6. I am hearing things, strange things, birds chirping, rain falling, crickets also chirping. The fan fanning. The bed creaking, my own heartbeat! My roommates constantly farting in the background, etc. It is a tolerable (most of the time) change from SoundCloud.
  7. The buzzing’s stopped. By buzzing I mean incessant notifications on my tablet PC. I don’t need them all that much.
  8. I can’t say I’m learning more stuff, cause dat would be lyin’, but I have learned to appreciate what it is that I’m learning a bit more. Case in point: I still remember a few lines of Chinua Achebe’s “Benin Road”. I read it out of ones of his books during this no internet period. I don’t think I would have remembered any of it at all if I had seen it on my twitter feed… probably not.

In conclusion, I can’t say if the internet cleanse has been a good or bad experience but I certainly will remember those internet free days, in a time when it has become imperative to be connected all the time 24/7.

PS: The internet is back now. The whole internet cleanse thing was overrated. I can play Wordament again!

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