I tried to choke myself with little pieces of shattered glass, I even read a satanic quote on a sunny day in a sunday mass. That didn’t turned out good, so I asked Jack to slit my throat, But that just gave me a bad scar, tons of blood and a messy coat.

In the afternoon, I hung myself inside a cabin in a hollow. I joined a freak show ball and intentionally did the worst act of sword swallow. Nothing seemed to happen so I thought maybe I had to do a call. I told my personal witch to put one hundred pins on the esophagus of my voodoo doll.

The next morning, after a bloody shave with a rusty blade, I told my buddy Bruce to come to the shop. I said goodbye to my maid and told him to execute the most incisive “Adam’s Apple Destroyer” karate chop. It didn’t work, not even the “Red Dragon”, not even “The Dirty Cop”

After a profound depression, I had only whisky and cigarettes as my mates. I would never have imagined that this was the secret to get to sing like Tom Waits.