It is the tale of a hopeless romantic. She would forever try to make the man she loved fall for her as hard and as effortlessly as she had. And it was the most difficult task the any woman would have to deal with. The most demanding task that she had ever had to do. This was because her most priced possession was love. Her defining attribute was her heart. A blessing and curse. 
You see, love for the woman was not the same as that of a man. Like many things she experienced, though thought to be the same, could never be further apart. And she knew that. That she could never experience life, let alone love like the man. For the man, it was an addition to his many many accomplishments. The man would conquer his profession, his hobby, his finances, and the woman was only an addition to his many many accomplishments. He loved from a point of strength. The woman would never experience love like that. She would forever be forced to love from a point of weakness. She would be forced to submit.
And our troubled hopeless romantic knew that. And she thought of the time they spent together. When they walked down that side walk. When they shared that love. When they felt each other closer than ever. When life seemed like it was hell bent on making them kill for each other. And it is at those times that she did not feel like the underdog. When she felt like she was right where she was supposed to be. When she loved from her heart. When weakness and strength did not matter. And all that she wanted was to commit to her lover. Not submit. Commit.

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