How artificial intelligence (AI) will change business telephones forever

Imagine a world of artificial intelligence in the workplace. I’m talking about a shift so significant that the industrial revolution will look like childs’ play. A time in our history that will eliminate millions of jobs and alter our every day lives forever.

AI will become so intertwined in our daily lives and so necessary that we won’t be able to imagine life without it. Does that sound familiar? The internet became popular and mainstream in the mid 1990’s and within 10 years every aspect of our lives and businesses involve the internet. Could you imagine running your business without it?

After watching Tesla Founder Elon Musk, and Y Combinator President Sam Altman discusses a broad range of topics including A.I. and the future of business, I began to consider the future of telecommunications.

As the president of B1 Communications, a Vancouver based VoIP provider that offers telephone services for small businesses, I’m often asked about the future of communications.

Many people have a notion that office telephones are somehow the dinosaur of business. As someone who works with small businesses every day setting up VoIP services, I couldn’t disagree more. It’s the same argument from the 1990’s that all offices will be paperless by 2010. That day has come and gone.

5 predictions on the future of business communications and AI.

  1. Location Autonomous

You will no longer think of your telephone as an instrument on your desk. Along with an office I.D. badge with a built in RF chip, calls will follow you with a unique ringtone. The telephone nearest will ring and your cellphone or apple watch will provide the call display, and other options. Answer, send to secretary, or send to voicemail.

2. Integration

All of your systems, emails, CRM, calendar, etc will communicate in a unified way. Calls will be screened based on your systems, are they a vendor or customer? Prehaps they are a high valued prospect? Your telephone will have this information & make smart decisions for you.

3. Automated Customer Service

When customers call, they will be greeted by their first name, and asked questions pertaining to their account. The system will know if they are high value and customers will be able to have full conversations with the telephone system which will answer complex questions, make account changes, and provide accurate information.

4. Voice Activated Dialling

You will no longer need to punch a 10 digit number into your phone. You’ll simply lift the receiver, and say the person or company you would like to reach. Your telephone will remember and predict who you are trying to reach if their are multipul numbers avalible.

5. Transcripts & Automated Action

During your calls an integrated system will make notes on your CRM system & take actions based on your conversation. It will add events & reminders into your calander and provide a transcription of your conversation for future reference.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Do you think my predictions have any merit? Maybe you disagree entirely? Let’s have the conversation.