Yep, all the old CSS tools stay.
Dave Gandy

well with server-side I wouldnt even think of youdoing the stuff. I just kinda wanted to ask whether it would be even possible to manually throw the stuff together to get an icon-stack or whatever pre-made on the server.

well with JS, I personally dislike JS because it’s used way too much in many cases. while JS is okay for things like word online and whatnot it’s for example not okay in submit buttons in certain pieces of forum software, because when the JS fails to load (not really hard to imagine when german mobile internet can get throttled to 16, 32 or 64 kbit/s depending on the provider, and if there’s a several hundred KByte script to handle this wont really get nice, because they can easily time out and make stuff break seriously.

but it’s kinda sad that you guys are axing the CSS-based stacks. I liked them.