In the Prism model, a queried oracle which maliciously informs the contract that the prices of the…
Eric Wall

I’ll go ahead and google that for ya.

Hackernews discussion on how Augur, whose entire model depends on assets under control of information fed by oracles, still achieves trustlesness.

Oracalize comment on how products still can still be trustless while the oracle community evolves.

A documented discussion acknowledging the contradiction between the current state of trusted oracles and trustless smart contracts, and an attempt to resolve the issue.

Your comment on oracles as trusted figures is valid, but it is not new nor does it account for attempts to resolve it that are in the works. Prism’s reliance on the current state of oracles is not unique, nor do we know what its actual oracle strategy will be post-beta. Give these projects time to solve issues on their own, the fact that it isn’t perfect while in beta is no reason for alarm (and Prism is transparent that this is the case in the comment I quoted).

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