The Best Fitness Classes For Pregnant Women in London

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve been pregnant, and I’ve got to say, I was much fitter the last time around. After my second ectopic at the beginning of the year, I’m slightly higher risk, which means the doctors weren’t that keen for me to be hamming it up with pregnancy exercise during the first trimester. With the school holidays drawing to a close, I’m on a mission to get fit come September. I always feel so much better when I’m exercising and although I try to do 70% of what I would normally, I’ve been doing a bit of research with the My Baba team, and we’ve found some great classes to keep us fit during pregnancy.

Maternally Fit
WHERE: Clapham, Chiswick, Islington, Parson’s Green, Richmond, Teddington, Shepperton, Weybridge, Wimbledon

Maternally Fit conducts exercise classes for pregnant and post-natal women. All classes are conducted by a Physiotherapist, with specialist training in exercise for pregnancy and the post-natal period.

WHERE: Islington

As well as giving you the opportunity to connect with your growing baby, pregnancy yoga is the ideal exercise for mothers-to-be.

At Yogabase you can join our pregnancy yoga classes, take part in a hypnobirthing course and join a mother and baby yoga class after the birth of your baby.

Jelly Belly
WHERE: Clapham, Stoke Newington, East Dulwich

Using a mixture of standing, seated and floor work, Pregnancy Fit aims to work the whole body using light resistance and props. This class will pay special attention to posture, core and breathing and allow you to become more in tune with your changing body. A lot of women are unsure of what they can and can’t do when it comes to exercise during pregnancy so this class aims to give women the confidence to keep active by doing exercise that will support the body and prepare you for birth and beyond.

Tri Yoga
WHERE: Camden, Chelsea, Soho & Covent Garden

Pre + Postnatal Classes in Pregnancy Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Pre + Postnatal Treatments, Pregnancy Pilates & Postnatal Pilates. Their aim is to provide true well-being, inside and outside, for everyone.

Hub Pregnancy
WHERE: Clapham High street

The Hub Pregnancy Programme is designed to improve the 5 areas of health and fitness that are most important during your pregnancy: your physical health (your posture and movement), your nutritional needs, your exercise, your sleep and rest, and finally your ability to remain stress free. Our existing patients say they feel much healthier when these five areas are addressed.

Xtend Barre
WHERE: Marylebone High Street

Xtend Barre is Pilates and dance amplified. It brings in elements of dance, ballet and Pilates to create an adrenaline-fueled workout that strengthens, lengthens and chisels the body. Although not specifically for pregnancy there are aware of the exercises that suit

Barre Core
WHERE: Kensington & Chelsea

At Barre Core trainers recommend doing a 30 minute pregnancy modification class first, then you ca get involved with as many of the barreMixed classes on the timetable as you’d like! They provide classes through the day ranging from their signature mixed level class through to barreCARDIO and barreSTRETCH, Bespoke Personal Training, and barreNOURISH consultations.