Design Chat with Zanocchi & Starke

Andrea Zanocchi, an architect, and Carolina Starke, a product designer, are young Italo-Brazilian creative duo behind the design studio Zanocchi & Starke. The studio was founded in 2013 in Turin, Italy when all those ideas conceived during their student days started to take shape. Guided by the idea that design is a tool for solving problems, the two create smart, functional and playful objects that have already won the hearts of design lovers all over the world. We had the pleasure to talk to Carolina Starke about their projects, thoughts on design and what motivates them to create such clever and cool design solutions. Enjoy the read!

How did you get into product and furniture design?

We were still in college when we met. I (Carolina) was studying product design and Andrea architecture. I was always telling him about my projects and brainstorming about new ideas. After a while these ideas turned into projects and… we started to work together!

Duas Faces fruit bowl with minimalist aesthetic and playful customizable concept
Assembly instructions for Duas Faces

What inspires you to create?

For us inspiration can come from anywhere, usually when you least expect, but you need to be able to reorganize the things you know and the resources you have, in order to come up with brand-new ideas.

A perfect multifunctional lamp for reading enthusiasts. The Ludovica functions as a bookend and a portable lamp

Who are your customers?

Each product has a specific customer. Most are young people from northern Europe and the United States.

The Wall Ride shelf is ideal for those who want to proudly display their skateboard

Your studio is based in Turin, the first city to hold the World Design Capital title. “Made in Italy” is a phrase that immediately reminds us of high quality products and innovation. What would you highlight as an essential feature of the Italian design scene today?

Unlike the past, when there was a strong link between designers and Italian
companies, today the new generation of Italian designers is more dedicated to experimentation and independent design, often betting on self production.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, usually when you least expect.
The Wall Ride for him
The Wall Ride for her

Besides yourself, who would you single out among young Italian designers as future trendsetters and tastemakers?

Last year we met MID (Manifattura Italiana Design), they are very talented and have an interesting approach, almost poetic, to the design. Among the Italian designer already famous we like very much the work of Luca Nichetto.

Design is a tool, that if used properly can solve problems, turn a concept into something desirable, optimize a given functionality and improve people’s lives — explains Carolina Starke.
Muquifo chair
Inspired by the beauty of the famous handmade Brazilian carpets, Muquifo chair is composed by more than five thousand strips of bikini residues, no longer useful in the production process.

What project are you most proud of and why?

We are really proud of our project Frida, mainly because it made us learn and grow a lot as designers. It also led us to participate in important events like the Salone del Mobile in Milan and at the Paris Design Week.

Frida Stool
Frida is a concept of disassembled and customizable furniture, designed to perfectly fit into any space or situation.

What are your future plans?

We have just moved to Brazil and we have many plans. You can certainly check out on our website!