When I Have The Time

It is hard to explain but I like… no… enjoy to write about mindless things. I have caught myself while on the bus or going back home thinking how my life would be put in words if the story of today had been told in written words. “While he walked among strangers in a regular suburban street, he took the time to contemplate what his life would be if someone should tell his story”More yet, how would the ending sound like when no more pages are left to read. Will the reader be disappointed by the repetitive narrative of normal descriptions, or will he been captive of an awesome world that he/she never thought it existed.

I irrefutable truth found on the internet

I do not believe to be the only one with such immortality dreams. After all, presidents and public personalities often write, or pay some to do it for them, their memoirs. Are not they, the memoirs, nothing more than the life of a normal person explained in written words? a futile attemp of becoming immortal in the history of humanity? The narrative focus more on their intentions, I think, but the idea is the same: someone, somewhere is reading their story. Although a memoirs could not be the best example, as I am of the opinion that they are nothing more than justifications or/and apologies for their wrong doing. Nonetheless, they will not fade into the oblivion, as there always will be a written reference of their life.

“Rejoicing in the idea of immortality, He proof read his own words to make sure it did not sound like him, but like someone else in his name telling his story. When he felt the satisfaction of the written words, he then slowly move his hand to the mousepad. He was secretly hopping that he had noticed any possible mistake, but he could not be sure because of the rush to publish.

Now more determined, he spoke to himself and convinced that he did not care what other would think, as to be human was to always have an opinion. A clicky sound was heard, and he set his computer to his bed side, closing it, and feeling accomplished, with no worries at all of who might or might not read it.”

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