13 Reasons Why Using MyBrainSolutions Will Improve Your Employees’ Mental Health

The recent Netflix hit “Thirteen Reasons Why”, controversial as it may be, has helped bring the spotlight to a troubling nationwide trend — an increase in suicide rates at virtually every age, and especially for women.

With our own customers, particularly in the Mountain West and Pacific Northwest, sometimes referred to as the “suicide belt”, they are desperate to reverse this trend and find solutions and tools for their employees struggling with depression, addiction and other mental health challenges.

While we highly recommend seeking professional counseling for anyone experiencing an acute mental health crisis, we offer employers a solution that is meant to be a fun, private and engaging way to improve mental health without the stigma attached to it.

Behind the fun and engaging user experience lives some serious science-backed exercises and training, demonstrated to improve positivity, reduce stress and anxiety and improve overall productivity and effectiveness in the workplace. Regular practice can produce positive changes and brain habits that make for a more resilient workforce when challenges arise.

Here’s 13 reasons why MBS is combatting Mental Health challenges for employers nationwide:

Reason 1: Gets people talking openly about Mental Health in a non-threatening and non-stigmatized way.

Some might call it the water cooler effect, but when employees are going through one of our 30-day challenges together they often discuss it with other co-workers and do so in a manner that isn’t shameful or scary. The ability to talk openly about brain health helps break down barriers. And, as we’ve increasingly found, has a halo effect on all wellness programs as employees that participate in brain health are more likely to take care of their overall wellbeing. As Kaiser Permanente poignantly coins it, “Train the mind, the rest will follow.”

Reasons 2–4: Improves Mindfulness, Reduces Stress, and Increases Resilience.

Our database of over 500,000 employees using the MyBrainSolutions’ platform has shown average 6-point increases in brain health, and even stronger increases for the 20% cohort that are identified as “highly stressed”. Through mindfulness meditation, breathing exercises and stress reduction techniques, we empower employees to take charge of their stress and anxiety.

Reasons 5–7: Increases Productivity, Reduces Absenteeism and Improves Focus & Strategic Planning

Based on the World Health Organizations’ standardized questionnaire, we’ve seen customers with employee populations that have increased productivity by 33% and decreased absenteeism by 85%. Exercises around focus and strategic planning are particularly helpful for honing the intellectual capital that is so crucial for success in today’s rapidly-evolving knowledge economy.

Reasons 8–9: Increases Emotional Capacity and Positive Feelings

You are more than your IQ and intelligence. Beyond cognition, we offer exercises that help employees improve their ability to recognize emotions in others’ faces and train their brain to focus on the positive. This literally re-wires the brain’s circuitry to a better positivity / negativity bias and increased social capacity.

Reasons 10–11: Reduces Health Claims Related to Rx Antidepressants and Sleep Aids, and Reduces Addictive Brain Health Patterns.

As demonstrated by two different studies we conducted in 2016, active users of MBS saw a nearly $600 annual decrease in prescription claims and addiction patients saw improvements in brain health capacities ranging from 18% better emotional functioning to 65% better positivity.

Reasons 12–13: Aids in Memory and Situational Awareness, Making for a Safer Work Environment

More of our customers are using MyBrainSolutions to improve Safety internally, without employees realizing they are being subjected to a boring and stiff Safety training. Workplace accidents are strongly correlated to high levels of stress, drops in cognition, and low situational awareness. With tools that address and combat all these areas, we are helping create safe work environments and reduce accidents.

We can collectively take action to reverse our nationwide mental health crisis and improve brain health across the U.S., especially for our employees on the front lines everyday experiencing the stress epidemic first hand.

Make a difference for your workplace today. Try it for yourself at https://www.mybrainsolutions.com/try, or contact us to access our latest mobile experience at sales@mybrainsolutions.com.

By: Natalie Cann, Head of Marketing, MyBrainSolutions

Disclaimer: The opinions above are of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Brain Resource. The post, while scientifically validated by our Chief Science Officer, is for information only and is not intended to substitute for a doctor-patient or other healthcare professional-patient relationship or advice of any kind. Any information in these posts should not be acted upon without consideration of primary source material and professional input from one’s own healthcare professionals.