MyBrainSolutions Enables The Synapse System to Assess and Treat Cognitive Deficits of Individuals Presenting for Treatment

For quite some time, research has shown that individuals presenting for treatment of substance use disorders are to various degrees cognitively impaired and that cognitive impairment is associated with treatment outcome. In essence, many of these patients were experiencing cognitive deficits that interfered with the learning and implementation of skills required for relapse prevention and the regulation of emotions and behaviors. Whether a program employed motivational enhancement therapy, 12 Step facilitation therapy, or cognitive behavioral therapy, if cognitive deficits were acknowledged, they received no more than lip service. For the most part, treatment providers lacked training in the assessment and treatment of cognitive disorders.

MyBrainSolutions has enabled The Synapse System to both assess and treat the cognitive deficits of individuals presenting for treatment. MBS is an integrated package that within 45 minutes yields a report of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral function as well as a prescription for cognitive training using exercises built into the platform. In addition to the initial assessment and prescribed cognitive training protocol is the capability of the platform to assess progress at various time points and adjust training to fit the patient’s cognitive status.

Although not anticipated, we find our patients to be particularly interested in the outcome of the assessment. When they receive quantifiable information that that their cognitive, emotional, and/or behavioral function has improved as a result to their training, with a smile of their face, they are quick to share their results with others. In regards to the training component of MBS, patients have noted the ease of use of the platform as well as the challenge of their individualized exercise prescription. Of interest is the fact that our patients are showing the most significant gains in the third month of training.

In short, My Brain Solutions plays a crucial role in The Synapse System method of care. It has enabled our program to function at the leading edge of addiction treatment and it has provided our patients with tools to strengthen their recovery and reduce the risk of relapse.

by Dr. Neal Cohen, The Synapse System

What the customers have to say:

“I think My Brain Solutions has helped me with focus, memory recall and emotions identification. My impulsivity has definitely improved. I always try to improve my “personal best” score each time I practice the cognitive training modules. My Brain Health Score has jumped three points in the two months I have been practicing. I practice almost daily and have a goal of 1,000 points each day.” — James S.

“Using the My Brain Solutions cognitive training program worked my brain and it really helped. My memory was definitely improved. The Identify Emotions game was very helpful. Since doing the cognitive training my thinking is clearer and my focus is much better. I enjoyed seeing improvements in my Brain Health Score that increased almost four points in less than three months. This has been a helpful part of The Synapse System.” — John G.