10 Freemium Tools For Your Small Business

We are a boutique marketing agency and consultancy with a focus on reviews, company culture, and branding. Our mission is to disrupt the traditional marketing formula. Here are 10 of our go to tools that we use and we hope they will help you too.

  1. Canva-This easy tool helps you to make professional social media images with text overlays. It’s a must have for Instagram, Facebook, blogging and so much more.
  2. Bitly- This tool helps you to shorten URL’s so you can easily share content across platforms.
  3. Dropbox- Need a place to store and share files across teams or with clients? Try out Dropbox. You can save images, pdfs, word documents all in one place.
  4. Pinterest- This tool can help you not only conquer your digital hoarding but also help to build your brand. Use Pinterest in business to help find out what your target audience is interested in as well as post your own pins to provide information.
  5. Hootsuite- Need to knock out all of your social media posts in one day and schedule them to post over the next week, month, or few months? This is the tool for you. Take a few days out to create the content and then schedule it to post.
  6. Mailchimp- Let’s you automate your email marketing. Send newsletters, specials, and customer birthday wishes all in one place.
  7. Picmonkey- Another photo editing tool that lets you make ads with pictures. This tool let’s you create so much from frames to filters.

8. Skype- An oldy but a goodie. Need to have a video conference with a client or a remote worker? Skype allows you to make video calls for free and stay in contact even when your thousands of miles away.

9.Wix.com Weebly.com- We couldn’t help but share a two for one in our number 9. Need a free but still visually appealing website to start? Try wix.com or weebly.com. Wix is great for a creative website that needs to be more visually focused such as a photographer or designer. While weebly let’s you create an information based website with more text while still having a visual aspect.

10. HelloSign- Need to sign all those documents as a small business? Try Hello Sign. Sign up to 3 documents free per a month. (Just $13 a month for unlimited documents) Never miss sending a client contract again.

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