My First Time With Pantelligent

So Pantelligent is a frying pan that also has a temperature sensor embedded inside it. Then there is an app that uses that temperature to actually help you cook. GENIUS I know… I tell you these MIT kids think of everything!

I backed the Pantelligent Kickstarter and my pan arrived yesterday in this snazzy box. It’s really well packaged for a frying pan. I guess that makes sense because of the electronics inside. In the box I found the Pantelligent frying pan, and one simple instruction sheet that told me to get the Pantelligent app. It suggested I try cooking salmon first. Yum!

I thought salmon was a great suggestion for a first meal because; one — I love salmon! But also because salmon is hard to cook right. While it usually tastes ok when I make it, it is always pretty stressful, and I find myself poking and prodding every few minutes to see if it’s done. With Pantelligent — OMG that was easy. All I had to do was keep the pan temperature in the right range, and it took care of the rest.

The scariest part was trusting it because it was cooking at a lower temperature than I expected. But wow that was good salmon.

The inside was moist and flaky, and the crust was crunchy and delicious.

I already find myself looking through the app to see what I want to cook next. I’ve never trusted myself enough to try to make risotto, but with Pantelligent, why not! The only complaint I have is the relatively small amount of recipes available right now, although it is apparently possible to add your own recipes.

The verdict: I can already tell Pantelligent will have two big uses in my kitchen. First, it’s going to encourage me to push outside my comfort zone and cook things I normally wouldn’t (because it’s just so easy). I’m already eyeing the Steak recipe in their app. Second, it’s going to make me be more disciplined in my kitchen. Just keeping an eye on temperature has made me that much more aware of how my food is cooking.

p.s. I made the Steak. It was perfect.

p.p.s Seriously, get your Pantelligent here. It’s worth it.

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