How I Recovered From my Driving Anxiety after an Accident

Every driver on Earth loves to feel confident about handling the car; it is an amazing feeling to have faith in yourself that you can deal with the amateur drivers on the road and drive safely. Even I used to love maneuvering the car at moderate as well as high speed whenever I would get an opportunity. My family and friends would hand over the car to me without questioning my skills to drive. And I treasured that feeling that my loved ones trusted me for their safety of life. I did, and I still understand the crucial role that a driver has to play while driving. Just one mistake while driving can put me and my family’s life at a huge risk. Keeping all these sentiments in mind, I would always drive carefully in my hometown Ahmedabad.

However, all my confidence came down with a thud when I banged my car into the other one on the highway. It’s hard for anyone to imagine what I would have felt at that time. Rather than thinking of my safety at that moment, I thought about the well-being of my family sitting in the car. Thankfully, all of them were secure, but the accident had scarred me for life. After that day, I would feel anxious whenever I had the steering wheel in my hands.

The situation was so bad that I had confined myself to sitting in the backseat of the car for many months in a row. I would refuse to drive the car whenever someone asked for it. I could not have the confidence in myself that I could keep my family safe if I drove the car. However, it was the same beloved family only who understood my emotions. Rather than making fun of my timidity, they would talk to me lovingly. My mother would ask me to take her to the market whenever there was nobody at home. My father would make an excuse of pain in his legs so that he did not have to drive in the traffic. My brother would not take his car to the office and make any random excuse to me so that I can drop him on my way to work.

All in all, it was my family and friends who gave me back my confidence to handle a car well. After a few dozen of such instances of excuse-making, I started gaining self-assurance that an accident can occur to anyone; it can be a mistake of any of the two drivers. During the period when I used to hesitate to drive, I witnessed a couple of other accidents on the road too. I understood that it is just a misunderstanding among the drivers on the road that leads to mishaps. And it is a duty of all of us to follow traffic rules rather than expecting others to do it.

Living in Gujrat, I took a Car on Rent in Ahmedabad last month and went for a road trip to Rajasthan with my friends afterward. I must appreciate that the Car Rental in Ahmedabad has been a decisive factor in letting me have the buoyancy to drive various models of cars. I could have a taste of different models of sedans and hatchbacks with the Self-Drive Car rentals in my city. I understand it becomes expensive sometimes to hire a car, but it is anytime cheaper than air-tickets and undoubtedly more fun as well. With my experience of falling and rising with such a major element of life called driving, I can just say that self-confidence is imperative in all walks of life. And when you have supportive people around you, it becomes easier to deal with things.