How to find out the best Self-Drive Car Rental Company in India?

There was a time when cars were regarded as luxuries, even if it was a humble Maruti hatchback. The present times have made cars so affordable that everyone of us thinks about buying one sooner or later. You do not need a lot of money in your pocket to purchase a car; banks are more than zealous to lend you money for any asset. Yet, the youth of today’s times is smart enough to judge the pros and cons of buying a car. The presence of chauffeur-driven cabs and Self-Drive Cars around us has nearly eliminated the need for putting lakhs of rupees in the purchase of a vehicle that is going to lay idle for most of the time. More and more people are opting for hailing a cab for commuting to the office and renting a Self-Drive Car for inter-city travel. However, one needs to be careful enough while renting a car as one may feel tricked if the company does not provide adequate services. You can keep the following suggestions in mind as you scroll through the list of various Self-Drive Car Rental companies over the net.

A reputed company is the best option

Before renting a car, check the reviews about the company on their website and mobile application. A company with a 3-star rating is fine to go with as no brand can have a 5-star rating at all times. People often rate a company based on their positive and negative experiences. More favorable reviews than the unfavorable ones are a good sign to begin your search for the car.

An ethical company

The stature of a company plays a major role in building their customer base. An unethical company may resort to corrupt practices such as charging an exorbitant price for a tiny scratch, rejecting the reimbursement of bills if the client pays for a repair or service or giving the car with duplicate documents.

Talk to the Customer Care

Before making a booking, you can talk to the Customer Care Desk of the company to ask various questions that you think are important. Once you are satisfied with the response of the representative, you can proceed to rent a car.

Take the original papers of the car

As you talk to the Customer Care department, you must ask whether the company gives genuine documents of the car to the customer. If they try to dodge your question or refuse to give the genuine papers, you must not rent the car from the company.

Take a renowned brand of car

While renting a Self-Drive Car, do not feel tempted to try a new car from a lesser-known brand. The car manufacturers like Mahindra, Tata, and Maruti make sturdy cars, and they have their network of service centers all around the country. In case something does not feel good with the car, you can take help from these dealers and present the bill to the car rental company for reimbursement. However, you can rent the car from an unsung brand if the car rental company provides you a new car, which may not cause much problem on the road.

Age of the car

Even while renting a car from a renowned brand, you must insist on taking a newer car; if the car is older than 2–3 years, it may cause several problems while driving since the rental vehicles pass through various hands. Moreover, do check the tires of the car before taking the possession and ask about its age. Normally, the tires have an expiry date of 5 years, after which they must be replaced. This is important for your safety.

The condition of the car

Ask your company representative about the last time the car was serviced. Car Rentals in Delhi and other cities are often professional enough to get the car serviced every time it is returned. You must be sure about the well-being of your vehicle before you take it out for your vacation as the company may not take the responsibility if they think that the car broke down because of your mistake.

Ground clearance

If you are thinking of taking the vehicle to the hills or bumpy roads, you must research about its ground clearance. The majority of Indian roads do not have methodically designed speed breakers. A car with low ground clearance may make your driving really painful and you may not even get paid by some companies for driving on such roads if any damage incurs to the car.

Insurance of the vehicle

The car rental companies mention their terms and conditions, and the details of their car insurance policy on their website. You must read about the insurance policy, which usually covers accidents, theft, or any other major damage. Although scratches and dents are not covered under the policy, a reputed company does not charge the customer for them either. They usually ignore such minor things at their discretion, but it is important to know about these things beforehand.

Companies dealing in Delhi Self Drive Cars have multiple options of hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs for their customer base, and most of the establishments in the organized sector have made a reputation for themselves to provide best of their services. Most of them are even willing to burn their cash for the sake of earning the loyalty of their customers. While the Self-Drive Cars are slightly expensive in India, the prices are expected to come down in near future just as it happened with chauffeur-driven cabs. When there is a small number of players in the market, they charge a little higher price for their services to have a sustainable business. Only a company working on shaky grounds can take the risk of offering low prices at the beginning of their business, which does not work in the long-term. And a cheap car rental does not guarantee great services; trust the company for customer-friendly services if you are paying for it. When you have paid a good price, you can have the mental satisfaction that the company will not turn its back to you when you need them.